First Impressions

I often take a lift from a fellow worker’s car or public transportation to reach my office location. While both modes have their pros and cons, one common downside to either is the horrendous peak hour traffic that can take a normal 30-minutes drive to an hour or more.

While I’m more of a weekend rider, a friend of mine suggested I try commuting to work on my road bike. Or better yet, look out for a foldie, which can be easily transported onto vehicle and our MRT trains.
This is where I learned of Bigfish folding bicycles, and the local distributor for this European bike maker was gracious enough to provide me with a Bikefish Line folding bicycle to give it our Togoparts road test. The bicycle arrived straight out of the box, and learning the folding methods was pretty straightforward.

Bike Specifications

The Bigfish Line (there is also an electric-powered Line+ model) comes equipped with 16- inch wheels with mudguards, Shimano Nexus 3 shifter and hub gearing, steel frame with aluminium front and rear fork. Interestingly, Bigfish also offers the Line model in single- speed, but the local arket only offers the more pratical 3 speed version.

The Bigfish Line folds by turning its wheels inwards and its handlebar dropping down – this transformation is done through a series of push/pull buttons along the frame, which does not require the bike to be lifted up when folding. While in its compact state the bike remains steady and balanced, the footprint it occupies is still relatively large as compared to the Dahons and of course, the Bromptons.

The Line also weighs in at 13.5kg, not exactly lightweight if you have to carry it up multiple flights of staircase.

Test Ride

I set out over the past week to use the Line as my daily commuter, and I was very surprise at how solid it felt and how nimble the steering performed. I am used to riding an 11-speed road, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how quick the Bigfish Line felt. Admittedly, it took some getting used to really get a feel of how the bicycle steers, stops, and so on.

I also learned quickly that I was able to accelerate and pick up speed easily, largely due to the smaller 16-inch wheels. The downside of such small wheels obviously, is that holding on to speed, as you would be able to do with ease on a road bike, becomes a lot tougher. But that’s not what most foldies, including the Line, are built for. First and foremost, these are commuting bikes. Not racers.

Last Words

I was amazed at how much fun the bike is to ride. The gearing was spot on, and accelerating to a comfortable speed was surprisingly simple. Although I wish there were more options than just 3 gears. The stock seat is quite comfortable, and I do not find any soreness or discomfort after my 40km daily round trip commute.

The internal gearing hub also meant that there is no cassette to have to clean up after a wet ride. As a bonus, the Line also comes with a chain cover to keep it dry and clean.


Also available in all 3 colours : Black, White, Orange

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