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While most other helmet manufactures are focused on increasing the number of vents and reducing the weight of their helmet, Reevu has revolutionise the helmet industry with their first and only rear vision helmet.

Reevu was established in 1999. Their cycling helmets were invented to address a failing in the very heart of bike helmet design and operation – it is against the law not to have a rear view mirror system within a car or on a motor bike, but on a pedal bicycle, no such rules apply.

The inventors saw this as an important area that needed attention, feeling that accident prevention is just as important as protection and so the Reevu rear view system was born.

While the overall aim was to allow the user to achieve the same awareness given by a rear view mirror in a car; the real challenge, however, was to achieve this design within the very limited space of the housing of a cycling helmet.

With funding from the UK Government and 7 years of R&D, the Reevu helmet was finally available for cyclist and inline skaters. At the time of writing, Reevu has expanded their product range with the introduction of their new motorcycle helmets in September 2003.


Reevu has two models of rear vision cycling helmets available, namely the RV-LX1 and RV-DLX. The RV-LX1 is design with the leisure cyclists in mind while the RV-DLX is design to meet the vigorous demands of the cycling enthusiasts.

Both models come with the patented Reevu Rear Vision system and a quality adjustable fit system to ensure comfort and safety. The RV-DLX goes a step further with an upgraded fit system as well as additional vents to meet the exhaustive demands of road and cross-country racers.

The design and construction of Reevu helmet goes beyond just having a rear view mirror. Loads of research was done to ensure Reevu helmets meet international drop test requirement. A critical safety part is the helmet’s raised cap section, which houses the mirror system. Reevu has employed the use of DuPont Zytel? Super Tough (ST) nylon resin in their construction of the raised section. The outstanding toughness, impact resistance, and lightweight of the material made it the ideal choice for such an application. The properties of Zytel? ST will not be affected by extreme change in temperatures, which makes the helmet suitable for use all year round.

Unique features:

1. The world’s first and only rear vision helmet designed for the cyclist and inline skaters
2. In-built optical system that allows user to see what’s behind without turning round. (Most accidents occur when a rider turns around to look out for traffic coming from behind).
The “mirrors” are made of bullet-proof material that are light yet strong and will not shatter on impact. The mirrors are highly polished to offer a vision that is clear and distortion free.
3. The optical system has dimming quality to prevent glare in the eye.
4. Air vents at the side and air channel at the top of the helmet (where optical system is housed)
5. Reevu helmet has safety certification from US (CPSC), UK, Europe (EN cose), Australia (ANSI), Korea and Japan.
6. Aerodynamic design that also shield the eyes from the sun.
7. One size fits all through the Universal Fit System. Through a smart fitting mechanism, the helmets can be fitted on a person from 8 years and above.
8. Competitive edge – Although designed for safety, the helmet’s revolutionary rear vision capability gives competitive cyclist the edge. Through the rear vision optical system, the competition cyclist will now be able to assess the “chasing pack”.
9. Reevu helmet comes in a range of stylish modern colours and quality finish.
10. Reevu and its rear vision capability is internationally patented.


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