Product Courtesy of Chapter 2 Cycle MSRP: SGD22(per pair) Availibility: Now

I have always mentioned that it is the little things that matters the most. And little frustrations are usually the most frustrating. For example: You bust your tubes – bad day, right? So you remove your wheel, change the tube and replace it. Changing the tube is already a frustrating task, but now you need to fix the wheel back. Quick release! No problem! But no matter how you screw in the nut, it will not sit into the correct length and you cannot get the desired pressure to secure it. And until you finally do, a bad day turns even worse.

Introducing the Quick-Nut from 1up USA. 1up USA was found in 1993 by a Mr. Cal (Corky) Phillips, he has been designing parts for motorcycles and bicycles for over 25 years. Their company motto is ?We ?1up? the Competition with the latest Technology in Bicycle Products?. However, for the Quick-Nut, they went back to basics with a simple design. The type that send you going ?Darn! Why didn?t I think of that??

The Quick-Nut consists of two components, the nut itself and a small screw to screw into the nut. It comes in a plastic Ziploc bag with an Allen key. The nut is of aluminum construction and the screw is steel. Firstly you use the nut just like any other quick release nut. After tightening and getting the required pressure to secure the wheel, you screw the little screw into the nut. Do not over tighten or you will not be able to take out the nut when you need to. After this, you are done. It is that simple!

And the next time you need to remove your wheels, say when you need to take a cab, load your bike onto a lorry or just change your tubes. You will have one frustration less. When required to install your wheel, you simply turn the nut in till it stops turning, push the lever and voila! Your wheel is secured and ready to go. You get the correct clamping force, time after time. It takes out the time (a few seconds is valuable in a race, right?) and the frustrations.

I personally am very satisfied with the quick nut for its simple-to-use design. The package is not fancy (in my opinion, saving cost on packaging for the end user). It comes in four colours, black, silver, red and blue. Each Quick-Nut costs S$12, or S$22 for a pair. The price may be a turn-off initially, but for those people who frequently find themselves on taxis, or are still unable to solve their tube-busting problems, S$22 to save some time and take away some frustration is definitely worth it. And just for you weight-weenies: The Quick-Nut weights 19grams.