The Steve & Leif Magnetic Trainer comes with a sleek, black colour.

There will always be a debate between stationary bicycle trainers and rollers, one of which being their respective effectiveness. Many claim stationary trainers aren’t so because they do not simulate actual road conditions where one has to maintain the bike’s balance; the trainer basically keeps the bike in a permanent state of stability.

This debate is probably for another article, but for those unfamiliar with bike trainers, they are indoor cycling simulators that you would hook up your own bike with. Trainers are especially useful for anyone seeking to clock additional mileage, but is unable to do so due to circumstances like time constraints or wet weather. With indoor trainers, you’re able to schedule a ride at any time, cycling as long as you need to.

Sturdy bolts hold the rear wheel securely in place.

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned veteran, the Magnetic Bicycle Trainer from Steve & Leif has some pretty nifty features, both for convenience and maintaining adequate difficulty levels. For starters, it is extremely easy to prop your bike onto the trainer; after pulling out the magnetic roller, use the quick release level to allow you to position, and then secure your rear wheel with one push. Be sure to align the mold with your rear wheel’s release level to keep it securely in place.

The resistance knob allows you to scale the difficulty of your ride.

With the bike in position, place the riser block your front wheel to create a more natural riding position. You will also notice a long cable that is attached to the magnetic roller with an adjustable knob at the end. This is the speed resistance system that provides a more dynamic simulation experience. Designed to be attached to your handlebar, the speed resistance knob allows you to adjust the resistance level of the magnetic roller, and by extension, the difficulty of your ride. In addition, the Magnetic Bicycle Trainer is based on a realistic progressive power curve to better simulate actual riding conditions. With both features combined, the ride was almost as strenuous as that on rollers. Word of caution: do remember to keep the cable away from your rear wheel to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

The trainer is also compact enough to be stowed away inconspicuously.

The trainer is just as portable and space-friendly as it is easy to set up; it is foldable and can easily be stowed away in between spaces, so you don’t have to worry about it being an eyesore to the rest of your family. And, its wide steel make and rubberised feet ensures a strong, stiff, and stable platform to cycle on. Do also note that this trainer fits 26″ to 29″ wheels.

Get most of the perks of a roller trainer without its instability and wobbliness.

While it is probably impossible to match the strenuousness of rollers on trainers, the Magnetic Bicycle Trainer comes close. On top of that, having the ability to decide its level of difficulty makes it accessible to a wider range of cyclists, from rookies to seasoned veterans.

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