Polygon Helios F5 – The All Rounder with Performance!

NICHOLI EE | 24th Feb 2015

Polygon Helios F5 – The All Rounder with Performance!

Founded in 1989 in our neighbouring island Indonesia, Polygon wanted their brand name to convey and represent the many sides of their characters, with an intention to be a top class and multi faceted bike manufacturer, but with their primary core values remaining the same.  Polygon has a global team of bike designers, engineers and testers situated in North America, Europe and of course in Asia too, ensuring that all their designs are new and fresh as well as relevant to the worldwide market.  Many of their designers are cyclists and riders too, therefore all these real life experiences as well as their knowledge of bike building materials and designs combine to create not only beautiful but very functional bikes with superb performance to boot, something that can only result from a passion that flows within everyone at Polygon, to create Polygon bikes to be the best bikes that anyone has ever ridden.  Polygon is now very well known throughout Asia and is now also making their mark in other parts of the world as well, supported by a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia, Polygon is now world famous with the titles of Australian National Champion team of siblings Mick and Tracey Hannah, Australia’s number one downhill family as well as freerider Sam Reynolds.

Look for this bike on Polygon’s website and you’ll be very surprised to find that this bike isn’t classed as a hybrid or commuter or town bike, instead it is placed under the Road Bike category as a Flat Bar bike, so this already suggests that this isn’t your regular quick-run-to-the-supermarket bike, instead you should be prepared for the speed and performance that this bike is capable of handling.  Not every cyclist who yearns for performance and speed is able to hunch over the top tube and tuck themselves into a more aerodynamic position while gripping drop bars.  Be it because of a physical limitation or the personal preference to cycle at fast speeds in a more comfortable and upright position, this Helios F5 would be the perfect bike for someone in search of something more comfortable and a full on road bike with drop bars.

At first glance, this bike already exudes speed, with the black base colour and very subtle black wordings on the hydroformed endurance ALX alloy frame, it gives the bike a truly stealthy look.  The ingenious thin and bowed seat stays aren’t there for aesthetics reasons, instead it plays a huge part in absorbing road vibrations and shocks which enables the rider to ride longer and further, I was very impressed with the damping capabilities of this frame, let alone an aluminium frame and not one made from carbon, I could really see myself easily riding century distances with much less fatigue and aching with this bike.  For added comfort, the full carbon fork was also designed and built for comfort and endurance, giving you even more reason to spend longer days on this bike, the carbon steerer is also tapered from 42 to 47mm and mounted onto the frame’s integrated and sealed bearing, this adds a lot of rigidity and stiffness at the front of the bike for better steering response and precise handling.

The flat bar on this bike really gives the rider much agility and manoeuvrability,  it brought back memories of me and my BMX which could weave in and out between pedestrians on a busy sidewalk without ever touching anyone and resulted in a crash, the 680mm wide Entity Expert alloy flat handlebar coupled with a short 90mm alloy stem gives you this added benefit too, for those occasions where you might need to swerve to avoid any obstacle in your riding path. The Entity Flux saddle is also very comfortable, and if you’re riding with padding, you should have no problems spending plenty of time on it.

This bike has been decked out with a complete Shimano Tiagra groupset, giving you 20 speeds of pure road shifting performance.  Up and down shifts were very fast and light, even while under heavy power when climbing, the gear ratios were plenty enough for any situation, whether you are climbing uphill or racing down the road in a group ride.

The Tiagra brake callipers also offer very good braking performance and bites the Shimano WH-R501 aluminium clincher rims very well too under hard braking, the Schwalbe Lugano tyres provides excellent grip on the tarmac, great for fast corners and turns.

Overall, this bike is an excellent performer for a flat bar bike, but factor in the very, very reasonable price, and you will be truly hard pressed to find a bike that’s able to compete with this speedy beauty, let alone find one that is able to match it in value and specifications.

The Polygon 2015 Helios F5 is available in all Rodalink Stores.

Each retailing at $1,000.

Click here to read more about Polygon bikes and their specs : https://www.polygonbikes.us