Specially designed for die-hard cycling enthusiast for those off the saddle moments. It features the same Koolknit™ material used in Pace’s race line jerseys but that is about all the two have in common. Gone are the triple rear pockets and elastics on the waist. In replacement, the polo jersey comes with relax fit and a cotton collar to grace the casual occasions. The material also feels thicker than those found on the race jersey.

The first thing that caught our attention was the bright red floral design. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely an attention grabber in the crowd. The fit of the jersey is great, wide on the sides and feels non-restrictive when moving around in it. The only complaint are the elastics on the sleeves. For Mr Body-Beautiful, these rubberband-ish sleeves can be real tight initially and take a while to expand and fit the arms snugly.

You will get to appreciate this jersey best when worn on a hot sunny afternoon or after a ride while driving home. Due to its sweat wicking abilities, the jersey helps you to stay dry and cool in those dreadful sunny days. When the weather gets too hot to handle, just pull down the 5” zipper for better ventilation.

For washing, you can throw the jersey into the machine for a cold wash. Use only mild soap and absolutely no bleach. After washing, you can either tumble dry on low or simply put it out on the line. After 5 washes, the jersey still showed no signs of fading and looks as good as new.

Great top for those occasions while you are off the saddle. Works pretty much like Nike Dri-Fit™ t-shirts except that this jersey identifies you as a cyclist. Feels really comfortable and cooling while wearing it, all thanks to its relax cut and Koolknit™ material. Too bad it does not come in other colours and designs and the loud floral design may turn most guys away. The retail price is also higher than similar products from other sports wear manufacturer.