Merida Speeder 2016

NICK EE|6th February 2016 | PRODUCT REVIEW

If you have the assumption that you could only go fast if you ride a road bike with dropbars, well you could just be proven wrong, because Merida has launched their latest 2016 lineup of ‘Speeders’, a true road bike but with flat handlebars instead of the usual dropbars.

The Speeder is a blend of speed and fun all rolled into a complete bike package that is also more practical for everyday use, whether it is used for your daily commute to and from the office, a quick trip to the convenience store, or a leisurely long distance ride, the Speeder gives you a more upright and comfortable riding position so that you can enjoy the entire ride thoroughly, best suited if you plan to do some sightseeing while on a bike.  Nevertheless, do not underestimate the performance of this humble bike, as it is also very much capable if you wish to put in some serious riding for training purposes, and that is when you will truly know how capable this bike is as a high performance machine as well.

The 2016 Speeder 3000 (pictured above) retails for $2486.

The 2016 Speeder 5000 (pictured above) retails for $2886.

The two range-topping models, the Speeder 5000 (pictured above in Black/Red) and 3000 (pictured above in Black/Blue) come with very sporty high performance carbon fibre CF3 disc frames, and they share the same riding properties as the stiff but yet very comfortable new CYCLO-CROSS frames.  Made with Nano Matrix carbon where nano particles are used to reinforce the epoxy based matrix structure to create a much stronger and stiffer frame when utilizing the Anti Wrinkle System to create the frame tubes.  The externally butted headtube has a big 1.5” lower bearing and when matched with the fully carbon fork, it gives the rider very precise and accurate steering.  All Speeder frames feature internally routed cables which not only gives the entire bike a very clean look, but also hides your precious cables from any dirt and grime that may accumulate on the cable, especially when you are venturing off the paved surfaces and onto rougher terrain.

The 2016 Speeder 100 (pictured above) retails for $726.

The 2016 Speeder 200 (pictured above) retails for $916.

The 2016 Speeder 300 (pictured above) retails for $1076.

The front wheel hubs utilize a 15mm through axle standard for greater strength and when matched with the centerlock disc brakes, you are ensured maximum precision while braking and maneuvering at all times, and not to be outdone at the back, the rear wheel uses a 12mm through axle which ensures that the rear brake disc is easily centered within the brake calipers at any time when the rear wheel is being fitted back on.  The broad 28mm tires enable the rider to ride on most surfaces very comfortably, as these wider tires enable the rider to ride with slightly lower tire pressures for better road shock absorption.  The Speeder can also be fitted with protective mud guards which let you ride through wet and muddy terrain without getting your clothes equally dirty, or you could even fit a bike rack over the rear wheel if you need the added capability to strap on extra stuff, a side stand is also useful in cases where you need to prop the bike up by itself instead of having to lean it against something sturdy when you are not riding it.  Although the lower end models are fitted with lower end groupsets, they are fitted with hydraulic disc brakes instead, giving them slightly better brake feel and modulation.

The 2016 Speeder 500 (pictured above) retails for $1496.
Riding at high speeds with the ability to zip past and maneuver around obstacles on narrow, smooth and low rolling resistance tires are now not only meant for those who ride with dropbars, but for anyone else who wants to depart from the norm of using a flat handlebar while still having a very capable performance road bike under them, can now turn to the Merida Speeders for their ultimate solution.
Merida Bikes is exclusively distributed by Hup Leong Company, and all Merida Bikes are given unlimited complimentary tuning services, lifetime warranty on frames.