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First impressions of Magicshine is if it is too overkill. However, after some thinking and trying of it, it does suit some users really well.

First impressions of Magicshine is if it is too overkill. However, after some thinking and trying of it, it does suit some users really well. Certain places may get really dark at night and this is where the Magicshine come in really handy. For mountain bikers, night trail sure is thrilling, however dangerous. With the Magicshine mj-908 8000 Lumens front light, you are surely able to see what is coming up ahead clearly. At 100% power output, the 8000 Lumens light can run for approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. To top things off with a little extra vision of you, your riding buddies and road users, it comes with a rear light connected to the battery also to make you as a rider more visible. The mj-908 has an approximate weight of 500 grams with everything fitted except the charger.

*Front light of MJ-908*                               *Front light of MJ-902

As you can see, there is a significant difference in the area covered between both the lights.

For users that wants something of a smaller scale of brightness and weight, Magicshine has got you covered with the Magicshine mj-902 2000 Lumens front light. With 2000 Lumens, vision wise definitely still won’t be a problem in the dark, however the distance covered by the light may scale down for a little hence giving a shorter vision range. At 100% power output, the 2000 Lumens front light is able to run for approximately 3 hours 10 minutes. The magicshine mj-902 also comes with a small rear light same as the mj-908 to give that extra vision. The mj-902 comes with a little weight benefit of an approximate weight of 380 grams with everything fitted except the charger.

The Magicshine MJ-902 pictured above

The Magicshine MJ-908 pictured above.

Both Magicshine mj-908 and mj-902 comes with a little of interesting techs. Both of these lights get a small little remote control to switch both the front and rear lights on, off and the modes of the light desired by the user. That small little remote sure come in handy in situations such as us users forgetting to switch the light off after dismounting from our bikes and going to a shop to purchase some items. This will allow us to not walk back to our bikes to switch it off and also allow us to save some battery even if we did forget to switch our lights off immediately. However, mj-908 comes with 1 more small little tech. It comes with a small LED display showing the user the battery life, run time and the current output of the light.

After using these lights, with the modes that it offers, it does suit most situations. Be it the streets or in the jungle. 8000 Lumens may seem too much for the streets, but with the mode of only using 20% of that power, it will not be too blinding for everyone as long as you place the light at the right angle. But if you as the user will only use the light majoritily on the streets, the mj-902 2000 Lumens front light will definitely suit your usage better as it can go as low as 30% of the 2000 Lumens power output which is approximately the same as most street use front light.

As much as we love tech, we also love our rides to have as little scratches as possible. So one may think that the battery pack being strapped on the bike may scratch our frames. Well, Magicshine has got us covered about that issue. At the bottom of the battery packs of both these lights, it comes with 2 soft-anti slip padding at the contact point to our frames. This allows the battery to not move around after being strapped to our frames and also not scratching our frames.

Magicshine lights comes with a 12 month warranty provided by Magicshine themselves.

Magicshine lights are being distributed by Scooter Hub at 354 Clementi Avenue 2, 01-209, Singapore 120354