KS LEV CI Dropper Post


KS is a Taiwanese bicycle component manufacturer that has been in the industry for many years already, their brand name KS is actually an abbreviation for ‘Kind Shock’, but it also stands for ‘Keep Striving’, which is their company’s mantra.  KS is always striving to achieve the highest level of technology and art for all their bicycle products by being at the forefront of development of new products which are able to improve the riding experience.  From concept design to delivery of their products, KS is committed to exceed the most stringent quality control and testing standards while always guaranteeing that their products are of the highest quality.

Other than dropper posts, KS manufactures many bicycle components such as suspension forks that are very unique in design, instead of having the shock located in the stanchions, the shock is actually located at the bottom end of the steerer tube. They also manufacture rear shocks for full suspension mountain bikes.  But their leading products are the dropper seatposts which are fast becoming the benchmark of the bicycle industry.

The LEV CI dropper post has an impressive 65mm of travel, with a fully unidirectional carbon fibre mast that routes the RECOURSE Ultralight cable system internally from the bottom of the hard black anodized aluminium stanchion and through your bike’s frame and connected to the KGSL lightweight remote, this lightweight system not only saves you over 50 grams alone when compared to the KG Alloy remote and standard shift cable, but because of the internal routing capability, it keeps your bike clear of having less cables on the exterior of your bike, making your bike easy to clean and maintain.  The LEV CI has a newly designed cable interface system that i now much easier to set up and service, while the post itself, your saddle connects to a high compression-moulded mounting head.  KS’s patented one way roller clutch bearing as well as a highly evolved seal collar will ensure that you LEV CI dropper post will continue to work very smoothly and be free of any side-play for a long time.

The LEV CI comes in two diameter sizes, 30.9mm and 31.6mm, weights vary between models and is about 436 to 450 grams. If you’ve ever ridden a mountain bike off road, then you might know very well that having a dropper post on your bike makes it so much easier to ride, as you will be able to shift your body and weight around without the saddle getting in the way and obstructing your movement as you constantly move your hips in relation to any terrain and gradient that you might encounter.


For any enquiries, please contact:

The Bike Settlement

The KS LEV CI is on display at the Red Dot Museum till 31 Jul 2016.