Product Courtesy of T.R BikesMSRP: SGD 60 (Rustler) SGD 90 (Ponderosa)Availibility: Now

I managed to get my hands on a set of the Hoss Rustler jersey and Ponderosa baggies not long after they commenced sales on local shores. Camo print is the fad currently and I totally fell in love with the camo printed Ponderosa shorts the moment I set eyes on them.

Hoss Techincal Wear is brought in by T.R. Bikes when they begin operation recently. While local distribution is relatively new, the minds behind Hoss have more than 17 years of experience in the apparel industry and are all true blue cyclists themselves. You can be assured that these guys know the requirements of their products well. The core value that drives the company is their belief that functionality, style and value can be achieved in concert. They specialized only in the production of mountain biking wear and are looking to expand into the roadie market after numerous requests from the other segment. Bigger sized riders who have problems in finding fitting gears will be glad to know that Hoss has up to XXL sizes for their shorts and their tops had loose cuttings to accommodate larger body size. They are in demand by mountain bikers who prefers loose and comfortable clothing for an all day epic ride.

The Rustler

The Rustler forms part of Hoss basic range and comes in 20 different colour combination including camo prints. Its subtle design makes it an easy match with a wide variety of bottoms and an appropriate wear even for off the saddle occasions. The CoolPlus fabric helps to draw sweat from the body and helps to keep the body dry. I noted that the Rustler tends to be less “sticky” to the body when wet. This could due to its loose fit, but it sure makes it more comfortable to wear. I have worn some of these high tech fabrics and found it irritating as they begin sticking to the body as I begin to perspire. A 7” hidden zipper up front is available for you to regulate the airflow and temperature.

Their lightweight and crease free material made it ideal to packg them for overseas ride. They often find their way into my luggage when I am packing for an overseas ride. The fact that they dry faster than conventional cotton tee means the laundry turn around time for them is much shorter. From my estimate, you will only need about three pairs for any trip (if you are diligent enough to do laundry everyday), and you can wear them during the rides as well as when you are off the bike.

Overall, I find the Rustler a good choice if you are not a racer type and are looking for something loose and comfy. I like to wear it during local leisure rides which I will not miss the rear pockets of my regular jerseys. They are also a good choice as post ride wear or as weekend wear to town. The wide choice of colours sure gives me ample reasons to own several pairs.

The Ponderosa



Just like the Rustler, the Ponderosa is also available in a wide range of colours and print, and are versatile enough to fit into any cyclists’ wardrobes. It is a perfect companion for riders who swear to stay clear of spandex or for those on an all day epic ride. The Ponderosa complement theRustler’s lack of storage space by having 7 practical and reasonably big pockets all round. Two of them have zippers to ensure your valuables are safely stowed even when clearing the most undulating terrain. The pocket spaces are cleverly placed so that they will not get in the way of the rider during rides.

The outer shell is constructed from 8 panel micro fiber polyester which are tough enough to withstand the ruggedness of mountain biking. A couple of falls in these and they still manage to look as new. The rear elastic panel provides greater comfort and flexibility for those seated moments. The internal are built from 6 panel polyester with CoolMax for moisture management and comfort. The sanitized chamois are plenty thick, relieving pressure from the butt and keeping it happy during long rides. Tried them out on 4-5 hours long rides and could almost get away without any whine from my bums. They are relatively comfy and cool to be in as compared to my older baggies. The semi elastic waistband with added buckle and belt allows you to adjust the tightness of the baggies to your comfort level. The presence of the belt also means that the shorts will still be wearable after the elastic band has died. My only gripe is the shallow inseam area which causes the shorts to sit a bit high when I am seated on the saddle.

Fashion or fad

The Hoss gear really impressed me with its subtle styling and functionality. Their simple yet fashionable style allows them to blend in and making them really versatile for a wide range of functions, and not solely just for cycling. Hoss also understands that beauty is nothing without function, and made sure that all their equipment is design with functionality true to the sport. Clever positioning of the pockets, durability and comfort in Hoss wear allowed the rider to focus on the tasks on hand rather than worrying on the non-essentials. The final sweetener on the whole deal is the affordable price they are going for. For the price of a famous brand jersey, you can get a complete set of Rustler and Ponderosa.

For those planning to make customized jerseys for their club or company, you will be happy to know that Hoss do customized jerseys too. You may approach Hoss direct or through T.R. Bikes for more details.