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Alligator Cables

Cyclists often have a true connection with their bike. The idea behind this is that the bicycle is an extension of a person’s personality, and just like cars, a lot of customisation is done to make it look good and ride good. The bike is like a personal horse – a steed that is afforded TLC and substantial investment. The bike is personal eye-candy as it is a performance machine.

If you fall into this category, you’ve probably been looking at certain areas including frame, wheelset and groupset. Ideally, it’s Pinarello, Zipp and Campagnolo. But when it comes to other lesser areas such as brakes and cables, there isn’t a very direct path to bling and performance heaven.

In the arena of these more minute parts of a bike, who’d know you can find variety and performance in a company that names itself after a green animal that has completely no relation to bikes.

Yes, we’re talking about the 35-year old company that supplies blingy things and pro-level performance for the more obscure areas in a bike. This is the same company that started with five employees and now has twelve times that, and also the holder of 15 worldwide patents. This is Alligator Cables.

What’s It?

As you probably can infer from the name, Alligator Cables, they do make cables – a lot of them, actually. Critical to the speciality of this brand is its unsurpassed variety in metallic colours for every of its cable. Do you have a bike that is red, and want a contrasting colour that fits it? Try gold. Or you have a black bike and want it to be stealthy. Go black. But this focus on variety is not only limited to their cables. Their disc brake rotors have five different shapes and each shape has 12 colours.

There’s no question that these are not regular cables. By merely looking at the shape, you’d know this is serious. Then you’ll see these cables on the likes of downhiller Sam Hill and then on Alberto Contador. The final realisation is that whatever Alligator Cables is doing, it’s not form over function. It is form and function.

Add lightness with the i-LINK

There are a few key reasons to this. At the most fundamental is a product that works. Case-in-point is the i-LINK. The key selling point of the i-LINK is its lightness and low friction housing. Coming in 4mm and 5mm varieties, the i-LINK proves to be half the weight of the average conventional cable, and its self-lubricating properties as well as the ULTRAGLIDE PTFE coats on the cables provide friction-free and linear response. The 5mm variety saves you weight where brake cables and shifter cables are concerned, but weight weenies take note – if you need that last few grams to go, you’ll also have the option of the 4mm cables that can be used for shifters, in five colours.


Twelve colours? You got it.

Still, focusing on form and function in other areas, you’ll probably want to take a look at the five colours of both the hydraulic brake cables and the brake rotors. The brake rotors have a purpose in every mountain biker’s wheelset. All five variations come in a variety of sizes from 140mm to 203mm. To complement this is the Full Hydraulic Disc Brake Tube that comes in three variations, depending on how much hardiness you need, with whatever colour takes your fancy.