Guerciotti Eureka SHM50 and SH+ Shabli Review

The Bike

Branding and marketing is an extremely critical component when you have a product to sell, that’s why big brand companies might spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing budgets to spread news of their latest and most innovative products to the public. All cleverly perfectly created with only one goal in mind, to woo ‘you’, the unsuspecting, but potential, target who might fall prey to their expertly planned advertising campaign that was skillfully created to get everyone to spend their hard earned money on their products or services. So sadly, but realistically more often happily, some of us will fall for these ‘traps’ and may even end up with something that we didn’t even need in the first place! To the company, è fantastico! As they’ve achieved their main objective in gaining another customer. It is also without a doubt that the bigger the company is, the bigger their advertising budget is as well! But one should also never shy away from the smaller and lesser known brands as these smaller companies might have that one unique and most important feature that major brands have missed out. Guerciotti is one such brand that has already existed for more than five decades, and till this very day, not many cyclists are aware that such a brand exists, this Italian bike brand has been creating racing bikes since 1964. The Guerciotti brand really started to take off in 1975 when they started exporting their bikes all over the world, and mostly to the U.S.A. where they sponsored the team American Ten Speed Drive – Guerciotti.

One of their latest bikes, the Eureka SHM50 is much like a priceless Italian piece of art, flawless and beautiful. Starting with the frame, it is simply ‘bellissimo’, a beautiful composition of carbon materials which consists 75% of 30 tons high modulus IMS60 pre-peg carbon, together with 20% of 46 tons ultra high modulus HS40 pre-peg carbon and also 5% of 60 tons super high modulus XN-60 pre-peg carbon. All molded together with Guercotti’s innovative and very high level molding process called Advanced VaBm+EPU to create an extremely light weight frame with a superb stiffness to weight ratio. VaBm is essentially a vacuum controlled bladder molding process that sucks all the air out from inside the carbon layers while an Expanded PU Shell is used inside the lugs to create a frame which had increased stiffness and strength of around three to five percent. The end result is a frame that weighs in at an impressive 990 grams, FANTASTICO!

The Shimano Ultegra 6800 groupset that was set up for this bike is typical of Shimano’s groupset technology, gear shifts were ‘estremamente liscia’, extremely smooth without any hint or sign of any mis-shift or chain slip, furthermore the 22 speeds had enough gearing ratios for any riding situation that any cyclist could need. The latest direct mounted Ultegra brakes were also a very impressive feature, with the rear caliper mounted discretely under the chainstays which not only improves the outlook for the rear end but also makes this bike a little bit more aerodynamic as well.

When matched with the upgraded Ursus Blaze 37 aluminum mid profile wheels worth an extra $800 (exclusively sold at BikeXtreme), the bike felt like it could actually stop on a dime, with every slight squeeze of the brake lever translated directly into powerful stopping power , well worth the extra spend! The few rides that i managed to squeeze out of my weekly routine to enjoy this lovely machine was always rewarded with a ride that was purely ‘magnifico’, the frame efficiently transferred all the pedalling energy directly to the wheels, especially when climbing, this bike seemed to require much less effort than my own road bike, probably also because of its light weight of a tad over the 7 kilo mark, but at the same time, flat out runs on long straights were surprisingly very comfortable too, with the frame and wheels absorbing most of the road vibration.

Available colour options include neon offerings:

The Helmet

At the same time, I also had the honour of testing out SH+’s Shabli helmet. Now whenever I am to review a western made cycling helmet, I’m always a bit wary as my head would almost always be unable to fit the helmet nicely, which results in using the next bigger size which would more often than not, not fit very well also. Not in this case, as SH+ has launched an Asian fit sized helmet, which to my surprise, fit my head perfectly! And because of the perfect fit and lightness of just 230 grams, it felt like as if I wasn’t wearing any helmet at all, it was that un-noticable! Not only did the Shabli helmet fit me perfectly, it also looked very cool without my head looking like a mushroom with the sides of the helmet protruding out because of the bigger size. Even my friends’ first reactions when they tested the helmet was it’s a superb fit and very light weight, one of them even exclaimed that it felt more like having a small tube of air on his head rather than a cycling helmet! In fact I love this helmet so much, I’ve already decided to get my hands on one and then try to sell of my current helmet, just hope that the missus doesn’t read my article!

There’s only one drawback after performing one of my most enjoyable reviews ever, that I would have to reluctantly return the awesome Eureka and Shabli back to their respective owners, for this bike and helmet is now at the top of my list of the best performers of all time!

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