Funn Python Pedals

Thin and Tough

Fancy a pedal that is light, strong and extremely durable? Look no further than Funn’s new Python pedals.

Weighing in at a mere 375g a pair, the Python was designed for aggressive riding whilst remaining plenty easy to service.

How easy? No hassle at all actually, as the Python uses a cartridge axle that is fully sealed on the outside. This means absolutely no crap going into the bearings and internals of the pedals, which makes for supreme durability and serviceability.

The cartridge housing is made of self-lubricating plastic, and a large contact area to share the pedalling load is formed between the housing and axle.

These pedals are also bombproof and will last forever, having been tested to last 1.5 million revolutions.

The body itself is intensively machined with CNC techniques which take a good 30% more time than the average pedal in its class. The machined silver lining after anodizing makes it look even more eye catching to match your already blinged out bike.

A wide but sleek profile is cut by the Python, at only 100x108mm wide and 14mm at the axle.

12 pins 4mm tall each extend from the 11mm thick edges and form a concave surface for better grip. These pins do not go all the way through the body of the pedal, which makes it easy to remove them even if they are bent.

Python Pedals are distributed by and available at:

Hup Leong Company
51 Chin Swee Road
Singapore 160051
Tel: +6565323700