Fulcrum Racing Zero Competizione

NICK EE| 21st March 2017 | COMPONENTS

Established in July 2004 in Italy, Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. is the brainchild of three aerospace engineers who were also very passionate cyclists, and the success of this very young and vibrant company is fundamentally based on unique patents, continuous technological research and attractive and young spirited designs.  Fulcrum started manufacturing wheels only for road bikes, but in 2008, two more product lines joined the Fulcrum family, wheels for off road bikes and carbon fibre cranks for racing bikes.

With the use of high performance and lightweight materials like aluminum, carbon fibre and polyaramide to manufacture their wheels, Fulcrum wheels are not only light in weight, but strong and durable as well, and matched with worldwide unique trademarks such as 2:1 Two-to-one which is basically their system of having double the amount of spokes for critical points in the wheel itself, another very important feature is the Rim Dynamic Balance which ensures that the entire wheel is in a constant balance during rotation to ensure that the wheel spins smoothly without any vibration at all, by simply compensating with any extra weight on the opposite side of the wheel.  Another awesome feature is their 2-Way Fit system, which incredibly allows you to either fit a tubeless tyre or a regular clincher tyre onto the same wheel, giving you the option of going tubeless if you would ever require it in the future.

Fulcrum Racing Zero Competiziones are the crème da la crème of all alloy road and is the fastest aluminum wheels ever made by Fulcrum, perfectly suited for any competition.  The rim is made from 6082, T6 pre-aged aluminum which is then triple and square milled to achieve an ultra light weight of 1518g, the front rim has a 27mm profile while the rear is 30mm and it can be fitted with tyre sizes ranging from 25mm to 32mm.  The front rim has 16 spokes for keeping the weight low while the rear wheel has 21 spokes, with a unique pattern of having 7 spokes on the left non drive side and double the amount with 14 spokes on the right for the drive side to ensure that the wheel is strong and rigid enough to efficiently transfer the power from the cassette and onto the road, all spokes are straight pull and have a bladed aero profile for better aerodynamics and tied to the rim with robust and strong aluminum nipples.  Fulcrum engineers have also redesigned the entire spoke and hub assembly to create a solid and unmovable spoke assembly, resulting in spokes that will never lose their initial factory tension keeping it perfectly centered even after many many miles.

The hubs have a carbon fibre body with aluminum flanges, and the rear hub has a special oversized aluminum flange for added torsional rigidity to handle the additional power and torque from the drivetrain, these hubs are extremely smooth due to the use of CULT technology, which stands for Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology, which uses the exclusive Cronitect steel and “Advanced by FAG” technology by Schaeffler Group for the bearing races to create a type of steel that is extremely resistant to corrosion, up to a point where no grease is ever required for lubrication, only the use of a little bit of oil is necessary to keep things running smoothly, the high grade ceramic balls together with the precision machining of the cup and cone races allows for the drastic reduction in friction, resulting in a set of wheels that is about 9 times smoother than wheels that are using standard bearings.  There is also an adjusting ring that allows you to pre-load the bearings so that you can eliminate any side to side play and have the ability to optimally adjust your wheels once they are mounted on your bike.

Fulcrum Racing Zero Competitione is distributed and available at all Rodalink Stores.