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Specialized Camber Elite 29

Does this look like a Stumpjumper FSR? It certainly does to me, until you realise the little nuances between the Stumpjumper and this Camber. Aesthetically, the Camber truly took cues from the Stumpjumper, but it is a different horse, for the same XC/Trail course.

The Camber is brought out by Specialized as a mid-range product, filling the void between the Epic and Stumpjumper, and it is built the KISS philosophy. It comes with no bells nor whistles, figuratively and literally. The frame is built on the older Specialized M4 alloy , and there are a total of six models in the Camber range – four 26ers, two 29ers. You get either a Fox Triad II or Rockshox Ario for the rear, and for the front, 29ers get a 100mm travel fork, and 120mm fork for the 26ers.

The Elite is the more affordable 29er, coming in with a mix you’d rarely see, but is nonetheless ultra-prudent and pragmatic. For example, you get Alivio shifters, XT rear derailleurs – beefing it up where it needs to be, and skipping the extra meat where less stress is taken. This brings better value part-for-part, but the compromise is unavoidable – the Camber Elite weighs in at 13kg.