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Dahon Tour Bag & Luggage Truss

You might or might not like it depending on your needs.

The Dahon Tour Bag came in with the Curve D3 and was a very neat addition to the bike because it augmented the bike’s ability to commute when you have things to bring. First impressions were ambivalent. It is made from premium waterproof TPU fabric with welded seams, which was a very welcome feature especially since it has been raining more frequently. However, the bag is not really big. Without doubt, it could be the second most useful addition to a bike after a rear rack, but the question lingers on how useful it. What can it store?

Storage Space

There are eight litres of space in this bag. The bag will not take your grocery shopping if you are used to doing shopping with a car. It is more for the smaller things – a water bottle, a book, etc. In my tests, eight litres is sufficient for a few 250-page books with the lid closed, or a 10” netbook, placed diagonally. In an emergency, I have managed to stuff two bottles of champagne into the bag, with the lid slightly ajar. And, as Dahon claims, it is waterproof. I tested it in actual rain and it didn’t disappoint or allow any rain to go in. In addition, the bag comes with a strap which you can use to make the bag a shoulder bag.

The Tour Bag requires the Luggage Truss Bracket as a means to secure it to the frame. It is simple, just tighten the bolts onto the frame’s Luggage Sockets, and it will be secured. The best thing about this is that it does not cramp up your handlebar or affect your steering. The Bracket is rated to be able to hold up to 5kg, but the truth is that it is very hard to get 5kg’s worth of things into the bag. Of course, you could buy the Connect Bracket connector (sold separately) from Dahon and make your own storage equipment by affixing it onto the basket or luggage bag. Or you could use something from other manufacturers such as Ortlieb and Klickflix.

The bag goes in by aligning the connectors with each other and sliding it in, and you should hear a ‘click’. Removal is the reverse.  If you want to take it out, all you have to do is to press the release button, and pull the Bag out.


All in all, the Bag is moderately useful. You might or might not like it depending on your needs. If you need to carry a lot, a rear rack is a better choice. Certainly, if you want to carry A4 documents, you might want to get the Luggage Truss Bracket and find some alternative bag, either DIY using the Connect Bracket or from other manufacturers. The bag is good, but only if you know what you want to carry.