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Every bicycle owner is concerned about the security of his/ her own bicycle. The loss of a bicycle from thef is an extremely upsetting thing. However, most owners of high end bicycles refuse to carry any form of locking device on their trips, opting for the old standby of visual vigilance instead. What about the times where the cyclist is out alone, and require to leave the bicycle out of sight for a few minutes? The possibility of some opportunistic thief chancing upon their bikes and making off with it while the owner is at some petrol station toilet or doing some quick banking in a shopping center is always at the back of every cyclist’s mind. What if there is a product that is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space in a saddlebag/ hydration pack, can easily lock a bicycle to an immovable structure for a few minutes to prevent any opportunist from making off with their precious steed?

CROPS Co ltd  is a relatively new company in the bicycle industry, offering bicycle headlights, taillights, locks and other accessories. For this review we’ll be looking at the D3-1 Compact Multipurpose Lock and Straight cable set.


The D3-1 Compact Multipurpose lock is sold in a blister pack, with a resettable cable lock, a length of braided metal cable 145cm long with a U-shackle at one end. The Lock itself uses a 3 digit number lock (which gives a 1000 possible combinations), and it is easily user resettable. The cable threads through both ends of the lock when the side buttons are pressed while it is in an unlocked state. Once securely strapped, the user can jumble up the numbers to lock it.

The cable uses a 3.2mm braided steel cable that is 145cm long, and covered in a plastic coating to prevent any possible scratches to the bicycle. There is a U-shackle at one end of the cable, enabling the user to loop the cable around a lamppost/ railing/ fence and securing the bicycle to it.

In Use

The lock is very easy to use even with full finger gloves, and the number combinations can be reset with a sharp tool to press against a button while changing the combination. However, the cable isn’t long enough to loop around a typical mountain bike’s front and rear wheel. If you need to lock both wheels together, you’ll need to remove the front wheel and lock the frame and wheels together. This is a small but irritating step if you are paranoid about someone stealing your front wheel.The cable itself is very strong, but it won’t stop a determined and prepared thief with proper cable cutters. That said, most people mistake the purpose of locks to be able to stop a thief cold in his tracks. WRONG. Locks are only used to deter crime, and the stronger a lock is the more determined and well-equipped a thief has to be to break it. Let’s face it, there isn’t a lock that is unbreakable. This cable lock’s purpose is only to provide the owner a peace of mind against people who might otherwise be tempted to make off with an unlocked bike.


This compact and lightweight lock system which can be stashed in a saddle pouch or hydration pack without the owner feeling the weight of those boat anchor weight U-locks. Using number locking system also does away with the need for keys, but at the expense of lesser security (anyone can break a number lock with enough time and patience, but not everyone can pick a lock which requires a key). Lastly, the cable is lightweight and flexible, yet made of strong braided steel and coated with plastic to protect the bicycle. It is a pity though that the cable isn’t long enough to lock both wheels plus the frame against a lamppost or railing without having to remove the front wheel first.