Road bike aficionados will realize how “different” the Colnago M10 S is compared to the usual lugged and tube construction of other Colnago frames. This also includes the M10’s elder brother and top of the line bike, the C59. Why is the M10 S so different? The M10 features a full monocoque frame construction with massively-sized tubes and an oversized head tube. It’s literally a different kind of animal compared to the CLX3.0,which we tested some months back.The CLX3.0 tends to be a more sedated ride while the M10 S is an all-out race rocket.

The Bike

The Colnago M10 S and C59 are top-end bikes, the same bikes that are at the disposal by the likes of Thomas Voeckler and Yukiya Arashiro from the French Europcar Team. The primarily matt black frame with glossy logos and motifs of the M10 make it feel like a space-age stealth fighter that is ready to attack any moment. And indeed, this bike makes the rider want to go fast and sprint out of the saddle.

Kit-wise, the M10 S frame is matched with the latest Dura-Ace (DA) 9000 series mechanical drive train and C50 Dura-Ace clincher wheels from Shimano. The DA 9000 STI levers shift effortlessly (almost like a dream) with very light actuation required for both the rear and front derailleurs compared to its predecessors (I am currently using the 7800 series levers on my own bike). In terms of ergonomics, I really appreciate the return to a more compact-look and feel which is akin to the venerable 7800 series hoods. I found the 7900 hoods to be too chunky for my liking.

Another notable feature is the DA 9000 front derailleur: shifting from the inner chain ring to the outer chain ring or vice-versa is instantaneous with almost no ‘lag’ compared to the usual front derailleurs which have a slight ‘lag’ when switching gears. This is attributed to the taller looking pull-arm which provides more leverage when performing upward and downward shifts.

The new Shimano 9000 Dura-Ace front derailleur: note the massive looking pull-arm



If you want a pro-level Colnago race machine, the M10 S is second to none except to the C59 which has a special heritage. Being responsive and stiff yet comfortable and confident makes it a truly desirable road race machine. The performance of the new Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 groupset is impeccable, complementing the M10 S frame perfectly. While the M10 S is not the usual lugged and tube Colnago, its performance and quaiity is still top-notch.

The M10 S is only available as a frameset from Rodalink dealers here.