CEMA Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket


For anyone who knows the purpose and advantages of using bearings, then they should also be aware that friction between two surfaces that is in contact with each other is the last thing that we would want, therefore contact surfaces employ the use of bearings to reduce the friction between the two moving surfaces, and bearings not only reduce friction, but also minimize wear and tear as well so that the surfaces can last longer.  bicycles mostly use cartridge type bearings which is basically a bearing assembly that can be entirely removed and replaced if necessary, so that the only contact surfaces that are constantly moving against each other is the ball bearing and it’s shell or body, and these can be cheaply and readily replaced instead.

Cartridge bearings used in bikes are most often made from hard stainless steel as these would usually be very cheap to manufacture making then very affordable to anyone who needs them to be replaced, but stainless steel is a very heavy material and is still susceptible to some slight corrosion after a while.  This is how ceramic bearings came about, as consumers wanted a type of bearing that is not only much smoother than normal stainless steel bearings, but also lighter as well.  Compared with stainless steel bearings, ceramic bearings are about fourty percent lighter and almost double the hardness as well, making them excellent for use in cartridge bearings for bicycles where every gram of weight that can be saved and reduced is a critical factor in attaining the lightest possible weight while riding.

CEMA Products are well known around the world and their efforts that have gone into the research and development of modern bearings and materials have ensured their long lasting success in this market.  Their Ceramic Bearing BBs are also manufactured with the same excellent tolerance with the use of G5 Grade Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Balls, these balls have many superior properties over stainless steel balls as they provide increased bearing performance and extended bearing life, which results in lower torque required while pedalling and they also still work very well in a low lubrication condition, ideal for bicycles where the minimal use of grease is always the best option.

I found the bottom bracket to be extremely smooth indeed without any hint of roughness at all, and the cranks that were mounted onto the BB spun effortlessly with minimal strength required, the most impressive thing that i noticed was that there was hardly any sound coming from the BB when i spun the cranks, if it had been steel bearings, I’m sure that at least some slight grinding sound would have definitely been heard, but none at all from the CEMA Ceramic Bearing BB, awesome stuff indeed!


CEMA Ceramic Bearing BB is distributed by Performance Cycles247 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437035