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Headsets are the strangest components on a bicycle. They are essential to the performance of a bike, yet they are also one of the most simple parts, comprising of a couple of bearings and cups. Yet these simple components require great precision for it to work efficiently. They can be the unglamorous piece of component, and they can also be the finishing touch of bling for many riders.

As the originators of the threadless headset, Cane Creek knows what it takes to make quality headsets, and they have pooled their knowledge to create their ultimate headset, the Cane Creek 110. Within the confines of this simple system, they have looked into every possible way to improve on what is currently available on the market. The devil is in the details, and things like premium alloy cups, a better split lip seal that promises better sealing and less drag, a tapered compression ring that eliminate headset rocking and creaking, a low stack height and weight all help to confirm the status as their ultimate headset. And not to be outdone, it comes with a 110year warranty, the longest ever for a headset, let alone any other bike component.


Out of the box, the first impression one gets of this headset is QUALITY. It literally oozes quality, from the smoothness of the bearings, the quality of the anodizing and even the machining quality of the Interlok headset spacers. Nothing on this headset has been skimped to cut costs. Weighing it on my digital scale, it comes in at 100grams without the headset cap, bolt and starnut and 124grams all in without the interlok spacers. Each headset also comes with a 2mm, 5mm and 10mm spacer, making a total of 17mm. More spacers can be bought separately if required.


Frankly, this isn’t really a fair test of a headset. The past few weeks were bone dry, and short of going swimming with my bicycle there’s no real way of testing the seals. Headsets longevity are typically judged in terms of years and even decades, not just a few weeks of riding. That said, the headset works as it should, turning smoothly without any creaking or rocking.


This is a top quality headset from Cane Creek, the originators of the threadless headset, and you wouldn’t go wrong with it. The 110years warranty sounds more like a marketing gimmick to me, but you can always purchase one and put it to the test. If nothing more, it gives you a complete peace of mind as to the quality and durability of the headset.

Other than the 110, Cane Creek also has threadless headsets to fit every known type of bicycle needs on the market today. To see the entire range of Cane Creek headsets, visit