Buzzrack Colibri Bike Rack

Nick Ee| 13th Jan 2017 | REVIEWS

…It is supplied completely assembled and “ready to go” without requiring the user to adjust any arms…

For a city state country like Singapore, not many people can enjoy living near a park or the coast where they will be able to access these areas very easily for their leisure walks or rides, so for the majority of us folks, we would probably be living in the more urban areas and therefore have to transport our bikes to these beaches or parks for our leisure activities, and although the authorities have done an excellent job in linking all these leisure and family spots by a system of park connectors throughout the entire island, it is tough to expect small children to cycle the few kilometers themselves to get to the nearest park or beach, therefore we would need some form of capability to transport and carry our bikes to and from these leisure spots.

Taiwanese bicycle rack manufacturer Buzzrack has been in this business since 2005, a company started as a collaboration of two men, one is the owner of an already famous bike rack factory and the other is a French engineer, and together they shared the same vision to create and manufacture good, reliable and safe bike racks for the consumer market, along with affordable price tags and great designs.

One of their latest releases is the Colibri, it is a single bike carrier for the trunk or boot of your car with two folding arms that has been designed to be simple and intuitive design to allow for easy installation and removal while it’s compact design makes storage less of a hassle too.  It is supplied completely assembled and “ready to go” without requiring the user to adjust any arms required for mounting it to the car, whether you drive a sedan or a hatchback type of car, the Buzzrack Colibri should be able to fit your car as well as many other types of vehicles.  The frame of this rack has been designed to provide a bigger clearance between the rack and your vehicle so that there will be a much lower chance it it coming into contact with your car’s body, made with steel and high impact resistant plastic materials, this solidly built rack should be able to last for a very long time.

There are two green knobs located in the middle of the rack which is used to fold and unfold the rack in an instant, and once unfolded, the four straps with special hooks that have a soft protective coating to prevent them from damaging your car’s paint can then be easily hooked onto your car and then tightened, that’s it, simple and easy!  The two bike frame supports also have very well padded quick release and heavy duty straps to safely secure your precious ride to the rack, and the additional safety bike strap that is able provided provides extra safety to mount your bike to the rack, and if you use it to tie the wheels as well, this is securely lock the handlebar to prevent the front wheel from moving and turning and coming into contact with your car.

Considering the attractive price tag of this rack together it’s 3.3kg light weight and ease of usage, I have no doubt that this bike rack will be a popular choice of many cyclists requiring a single bike rack to transport their bicycles.


Buzzrack is exclusively distributed by Wheeler’s Yard, and the Colibri is retailing for $78.