Polygon Bikes Reveals The New Square One EX Series

19th April 2017 | BIKE REVIEW

For over 25 years, Polygon Bikes has been driven by a vision and fueled by dedication to create bikes that spark the imagination of riders around the world.

The Square One EX Series is a departure from the old way of classifying bikes and creates a new paradigm where travel no long determines discipline. The NAILD suspension design works in conjunction with Polygon’s frame construction to give a ride unlike anything else. The bike is designed to have a short rear end for tackling technical terrain and to provide quick cornering. Equipped with the elevated chainstay that is unique to the NAILD R3ACT- 2Play Suspension System, Square One EX acts as an extension of rider’s movement. Square One EX helps riders get more speed and extends their riding range. Square One bikes are able to move over obstacles quicker which improves lap times, reduces rider fatigue and increases on trail confidence.

All Square One EX frames are built around 27.5 wheels and feature a full ACX carbon frame with 180mm suspension travel.

Two models will be available: the Square One EX8 and our top of the line model, the Square One EX9.

Polygon Square One EX8

Top of the line model – Polygon Square One EX9

The Polygon Square One seems to be a hit the pros too. A couple of quotes so far:

“The Square One is the best bike I’ve ever ridden. As I’m spending more and more time on the Square One I’m realizing how incredibly capable it is. I find myself dreaming of the possibilities that the Square One will open up. The Square One is going to allow me to cover much longer distances and climb bigger mountains than ever before without sacrificing the enjoyment of riding a bike that can handle any type of terrain on the way back down” – Mick Hannah

“Before riding the Square One I didn’t really know what to expect. As soon as I got my hands on it, I went for a pedal around the block, I didn’t return for 2 hours! I’ve always wanted a bike that I can take on adventures and bigger missions that can still handle everything I throw at it plus be confident to push my own limits. I’m excited to challenge more rides and terrains on the Square One” – Kurt Sorge

The pre-orders of Square One EX 9 is accepted now at all RODALINK bikeshops and the Square one will be available in local showrooms by June 2017.

we wanted to redefine how people classify mountain bikes with a truly capable machine. Square One bikes are designed to bring a new reality and riding experience to the rider.