The Guerciotti Alero S sports a matte black exterior that stands out even more under the noonday sun.

Meeting the Alero S

Guerciotti is an Italian bike brand that may not be on the lips of many an Average Joe rider here in Singapore, but to old hands in the road bike scene, it is well-known for its products that have been meticulously engineered and designed to the highest standards. The Alero S (an emphasis on theS, which stands for Sport, a breakaway from catering to hardcore cyclists, instead focusing on casual weekend warriors who are still intent on blazing the tarmac) might not be as top-of-the-line as its Eclipse counterparts, but make no mistake, it is definitely not lacking in the way it takes on the road.


The frame is given a proper waxing to ensure the best possible aesthetic condition.

The Alero S is a sight to behold and clearly, much has gone into its aesthetics. Bar the Shimano groupset, the entirety of the bike is made in Italy, following its rich local tradition of top-quality craftsmanship from generation to generation. There is certainly an element of sleekness in its fierce matte black finish that seeming camouflages into the tarmac, and one of mysteriousness, as the Guerciotti brand is emblazoned across the frame, also in black, visible only to those who dare approach the beast.

The Weaponry

The muscle behind the Alero S: Shimano Ultegra.

It’s not just all about beauty; true bike connoisseurs pay attention to what is under the metaphorical hood. Guerciotti matches great aesthetics with top-end, proven components. The Alero S comes equipped with a respectable Shimano Ultegra 11-speed groupset and a Selle Italia SL saddle. It also has an extremely durable frame, crafted with a combination of high-strength T700SC and H800 carbon variants.

It looks like a no-nonsense bruiser under the shadows.

The strength of the Alero’s engineering can be felt in the comfort that it provides on the road. Its secret lies in the tweaking of the standard tube heights, in that the top tube is slightly shorter while the headset tube is significantly higher. This results in an elongated tube which provides greater comfort navigating undulating road surfaces. The impact from the bumps were greatly reduced and the overall journey was much smoother than what it was supposed to be, gliding along roads damaged by heavy vehicles.

Transitioning from gear to gear was almost seamless, and the smooth and gradual increase in speed was noticeable; it was much easier to gain ground, even on elevations, which is what the tube has been designed to achieve: helping the rider conserve as much energy as possible. Despite the stiff carbon frame, the Alero S is still flexible and responsive to abrupt turns and cornering, giving the rider complete control over the bike. The entire frame is also designed to accommodate 28mm tires, therefore maximising performance.

It looks like a no-nonsense bruiser under the shadows.

Additionally, its internal cable routing ensures as little clutter as possible on the exterior, complementing a clean colour with a minimalistic element. As a finishing touch, a small coat of arms completes the look, starting right at the rider as a reminder of the sense of royalty he should be feeling as he zips around from end to end.

Handlebars: Ursus Magnus H.01

Neat internal cable routing infrastructure.

True to pro-Italian traditions, this custom Alero S sports an Ursus Magnus H.01 handlebar, another sleek, top-grade Italian product of the same high standards. With over 45 years specialising in precision machining, its wealth of experience has proven integral to its success in its recent foray into the cycling scene. Unlike most handlebars, the Magnus H.01 is fashioned from a single piece of carbon alloy, and is built on the back of a unique aerodynamic fusion design, creating an ideal balance between functionality and ergonomics. Its flat shape feels much more comfortable on the palms, especially after long distances, and that translates to a better and more consistent overall grip.

The ergonomic Ursus Magnus H.01 flat handlebar.

The Magnus H.01 is also the perfect complement to the Alero S, as it possesses the same tidy internal cable routing system, emulating the body’s no-frills look to the front as well. On top of that, it is fully integrated into the bicycle’s stem, making it a breeze to mount and dismount the handlebar. It is also extremely cyclocomputer-friendly, accommodating all current models on the market, and you can be assured that not only will it be a significant upgrade to your road bike, it will look pretty damn good, too.

Wheels: Ursus Miura C37

It is detailed down to the subtle Italian insignia.

The final piece of this Italian Job is the pair of Ursus Miura C37 carbon wheels. Weighing a measly 1.53kg, both front and rear, the C37 also boasts a myriad of other technological feats, as seen by the numerous labels on its rims, a testament to the prestige within.

The perfect symbolism of Ursus’ Italian pride.

The most crucial element is its Heat Protecting System (HPS). An important system of inorganic reinforced fiber, this system ensures that the internal structure maintains the integrity of the carbon by blocking out the heat that is created from the rim during the breaking process. The carbon itself is also reinforced by the High TG Resin system. This special resin makes it highly resistant to the heat generated from the brake pads. This extends the longevity of the carbon and increases the performance of the final rim.

The Ursus Miura C37 combines several innovative technologies.

Apart from those, the defining factor for its smoothness on the road is down to its clever ball bearing system (BBS). In addition to the four hub bearings that are placed for optimum fluidity, two more bearings are placed in a line just behind the rear wheel hub. This strategic placement restricts the pin from bending, therefore eliminating the dispersion of power exerted on the wheel. In other words, with each push of the pedal, minimal force is wasted, streamlining your energy into where it is needed most, driving your bicycle forward. To ensure that you never forget its country of origin, the Italian strip circles both hubs, perpetuating the link between Italy and sheer speed and style.

Locating the Beast

Its rich black shade perfect matches that of the Alero S.

If your intrigue has been piqued and are on a mission to get your hands on this particular Italian Job, Bike X is Guerciotti’s sole distributor in Singapore. You may drop by at:

Bike X

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Singapore 529684

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