The IFMove by Pacific Cycles is definitely one sleek machine that would make its way into my list of folding bicycles to consider. With 3 distinguished awards to its name (reddot design award 2013, Taipei Cycle d&i award 2013 and the Golden Pin Design Award), the IFMove was certainly designed for high performance – do not be fooled by its good looks, the IFMove ranks high on usability for its excellent ride quality and ability to fold quickly.

Pacific Cycles are renowned for their commitment to innovation and IFmove is the first product to roll out of Section Zero, Pacific Cycles in-house R&D department that was formed a year ago and led by CEO Michael Lin. Here is an interesting point to note about the IFMove – the key personnel behind the development of this award winning product includes Engineer Kain Galliver, the owner of Craftworks Cycles who has amassed years of experience designing mountain bicycles and designer Stijn Deferm, a 3 time Belgium downhill mountain bike champion.

Bike Specifications:

The IFMove which runs on SRAM X7 9 speed gear is matched up with freewheel Sturmey Archer 11-25T hub and Avid Mechanical disc brakes levers. It comes fitted with 20 x 1.5 inch Maxxis tyres and weighs 11.5kg on the whole. As folding bicycles are not ubiquitous like their road and mountain bike counterparts, most of the components on a folding bike are proprietary. This is especially so for Pacific Cycles who is known for their one of a kind designs. Hence, this certainly applies to the IFmove. For a further breakdown on the IFmove Bike specifications, do check it out here.


Ride Quality & Usabilty

Short test ride around the office.

Ride Quality:

The IFMove that I tested was a pre-production prototype which was slightly heavier that the actual and did not come with the hidden kickstand. In total, I spent about 3 weeks testing the bike which was frequently used for my commutes to and fro work.  While I have been riding a high performance entry level 29er mountain bike for the last couple of months, do note that my assessment of the IFmove is based solely on what should be expected from a foldable 20inch commuting bicycle.

Though specifications are nothing to shout about, I must admit that the ride quality of the IFmove is excellent. Power transmission to the bike through the pedals is instantaneous and despite its 20 inch wheels which are smaller than the average commuting bicycle, the IFmove certainly feels like it can go quite fast.  To put things in perspective, these were the exact sentiments shared by a fellow biker who rides a fixie. IFmove was certainly designed for performance and I do enjoy riding this bike.


Aside from its ride quality, one of the winning features of the IFmove is its usability. I liked the narrow, compact fold of the bike. In its folded mode, the width of the IFmove measure just 250mm. This makes it easy to bring it onto our public buses that have narrow entries, no thanks to the metal posts in the middle (I had embarrassing moments trying to bring clunky folding bikes up the buses so I am quite thankful for this). The integrated stem and handlebar is an extremely thoughtful feature that makes the bicycle easy to handle when it is folded. IFmove is also easy to roll along in its folded state and can easily be thrown into the backseat or trunk of a car. Maintenance is easy – tyres can be replaced without removing the wheel.


The IFMove retails for $2,499 and the current promotion comes with a travel case (whilst stocks last). Though this is a little on the steep side, it certainly is a price to pay for high performance. Ride quality is excellent and much thought has gone into the usability of the bike. The compact and narrow fold which is fast and easy make it convenient to bring it around for your urban commutes and is still pretty manageable at a weight of 11.5kg.  Aesthetics-wise, the bike is sleek and beautiful and is available in black or white.

If you are seeking a commuting bicycle, that is fast, foldable, convenient and a joy to ride, the IFmove would be a worthy consideration. Pacific Cycles has certainly found the perfect between ride quality and fold-ability.

The IFMove is available via E-Walker.