The Specialissima looks striking against a matte background.

The Specialissima, in all its Italian and quasi-cosmic glory, proves once again, with its collaboration with MSC over the CounterVail technology, why it has managed to stay on top of the cycling industry.


The very mention of NASA probably invokes an image of prestige; the sight of large space shuttles launched into the stars and beyond often has that effect. Now imagine a frame that combines that technology with more than 130 years of proud Italian heritage. That’s the Bianchi Specialissima, a bike that Marco Pantani himself would have loved: light, rigid, and agile. It is the perfect racing machine for the Pyrenees and the Alps.

The iconic Bianchi crest is synonymous with all Bianchi frames.

Bianchi frames typically sport an air of class and elegance, from logos with accompanying Italian national colours to Bianchi’s iconic crowned eagle stamped boldly with its founder’s name, Edoardo Bianchi. This, as well as the other details of the frame, are all hand painted in Italy. The Specialissima is truly an aesthetically pleasing frame, not in the least because you’re able to customise its colours to suit your taste with Bianchi’s Tavolozza scheme. But, you’re not just here for that.

Just by looking at it, one can almost feel the lightness of the frame.

Weighing in at just 780g (1120g with the Specialissima’s matching Countervail fork), the frame holds its own amongst the other featherweight frames out on the market. But, that is where the similarities end; enter the coveted Countervail technology. Originally designed for NASA by Materials Sciences Corporation (MSC), the Countervail material is infused in the frame with one mission: eliminate vibration. And, indeed it has; tests on roads have shown that Countervail reduces the length of vibrations from the road surface by up to 80%. This, coupled with the Specialissima’s ultralight, rigid monocoque carbon frame, makes for a sufficiently stiff frame that helps the rider conserve even more energy that would otherwise have been lost to surface vibrations and frame movement. Of course, this stiffness also in turn allows the bike to be more responsive overall. Could it be that the Countervail is really the answer to finding the perfect balance between comfort and control?

The Italian insignia symbolises Bianchi’s national pride; the frame is meticulously hand-printed in Italy

Countervail isn’t the only innovation in the Specialissima’s array of features. For instance, its headtube is tapered at 1.1/8” > 1.4”, taking a leaf from its super aero relative, the AquilaCV. This boost in aerodynamics is further aided by the accompanying full carbon Countervail fork. With its straight blades and dedicated design, the reactivity of the entire bike is further enhanced. Crafted in the mould of its very own, proven Racing Geometry, the frame’s chassis guarantees optimal bike fitting and the ideal riding position for the most efficient power transmission. Performance wise, the Specialissima has all the attributes of a complete superbike: the light and lively responsiveness of a superlight bike when you’re climbing and manoeuvring, and the reassuring stability when you’re flooring it downhill.

The Specialissima is available in 7 sizes, from 47cm to 61cm, catering to a wide range of body sizes.

Amidst the grunge, the Specialissima stands up like a rose amongst thorns.

While top-end frames like the Specialissima typically only comes with equally top-end components, our local Bianchi distributor, BYX, has brought in just the frameset, giving riders the option to customise their parts and components according to their preferences and budgets. On the other end of the spectrum, riders with a sizeable budget have a penchant to couple Italian frames with Italian components, and you really can’t get any more Italian than Bianchi. Apart from the raw frame that is made in Taiwan, everything else, even down to its decal-less frame masking and painting, is done in its Italian facility.

The Specialissima, in all its Italian and quasi-cosmic glory, proves once again, with its collaboration with MSC over the CounterVail technology, why it has managed to stay on top of the cycling industry.

The Specialissima “Marco Pantini” Edition in his iconic blue and yellow.

This year, the Specialissima takes on a special twist. Bianchi proudly presents the Specialissima “Marco Pantani” Limited Edition Frame Kit – highlight of the year 2018:

Paying homage to “Il Pirata’s” victory of both Giro and Tour in 1998, as well as its 20th anniversary in 2018, Bianchi releases a very special bike:

The Bianchi Specialissima in the painting of Marco Pantani’s Bianchi Mega Pro XL.

The frame kit will be delivered this coming October/November if you pre-order it now.

If you are interested in building your very own Specialissima, we will be happy to provide a consultation on selecting the best matching parts and building the bike for you. Please visit:

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