For centuries, people have revered the element “Au”, which symbolizes a very precious metal named Gold.  Since this type of metal is pretty rare and rather difficult to mine and process, this rarity has caused gold to be adored and treasured by people since the time it was discovered, probably because this beautiful yellow metal is highly corrosion resistant and can be rather easily shaped and worked on, to be able to use it to create beautiful shiny jewelry or precious ornaments, making gold even more desirable as a status symbol of one’s achievements and wealth.

Since ancient times, people have used gold to trade as a form of currency as this precious metal could be safely kept or stored for many years without changing in any form, thus retaining its value for a very long time.  Even local customs and traditions adore the display and use of gold, for at almost any cultural ceremony, regardless of any race or religion, you can find people proudly displaying their shiny yellow collections of wealth and prosperity for all to see and admire.


Local bicycle retailer MOBOT has recently brought in a truly beautiful and eye catching folding bike that truly a sight to behold, and hopefully own as well once you discover the price at which is gorgeous bike is being priced at!  CAMP Gold is not your usual run of the mill folding bicycle, this is a Limited Edition High-Performance foldie that is able to deliver a smooth and fast ride if you ever require it.

This bike is the brainchild of MOBOT founder Ifrey Lai, he was so inspired by local swimmer Tzen Wei’s 50m butterfly gold medal win at last year’s SEA Games that he decided to come up with a bike that symbolizes winning and build one that he calls ‘a champion bike for champions’, with gold colour as the key design parameter.

This bike utilizes the industry proven 50/50 folding mechanism on the bike’s main top tube which easily unlocks to fold the entire bike into half, and once the entire stem of the bike is unlocked and dropped down, and seat unlocked and lowered all the way down, all that you end up with is a pretty small and compact package that will easily fit under a desk and even into a small car’s boot.  So who said that you can’t have your cake and eat it too!  And that’s a rather beautiful cake as well!


Rolling on 20” x 1.50 tires that are wrapped over 40mm high profile 20” aluminum rims, these wheels provide just the right mix of rolling ability while cycling at higher speeds and comfort to ease over bumps and dents on the road or pavement.  This bike is fitted with a large 56T chainring up front and mated to the rear equipped with an 11-40T cassette, which allows you to easily climb up steeper inclines as well as keep pace with the big boys if you have the legs, and muscles, to do so.

Shifting through the entire 10-speed cassette is done by shifting the Shimano Deore trigger shifter which smoothly actuates the Deore rear derailleur to your desired gear ratio, even when under constant power, shifting is still smooth without any hint of shifting resistance.


All the speed is also practically useless if you are unable to control it properly, so stopping power is provided by a set of Tektro H275 hydraulic disc brakes that are clamping onto big 160mm discs to effectively bring you to a complete halt in no time at all.

The entire bike weighs in at a rather light 12kg package which should not be much of a problem for a normal person to lift or carry for short distances, like if you need to get into the train or onto the escalator, and because of the folding compactness, this bike is permitted to be brought onto our local trains and buses when folded.  Another nice innovation is the patented removable seat post, which is actually an air pump that has been cleverly integrated into it.


For aesthetics, this bike has the precise amount of gold bling at specific locations to truly make this bike an eye-catcher anywhere you ride it, whether it is the beautifully anodized gold wheel hubs or the shiny gold cassette, the gold accents on this bike truly contrast with the matt black finish on the rest of the bike, making each shiny gold part stand out nicely, even the tiny gold studs on the pedals give the bike a very “luxurious” look and feel.

Highlights of other gold parts can also be found on the handlebar grips, the headset, seat post clamp as well as the frame locking mechanism as well, with each gold piece playing their part in creating a very expensive and high-end look for this bike.

So if you are currently considering a new bicycle that will provide you with speed, comfort, foldability, and beautiful aesthetics, look no further, the MOBOT CAMP GOLD folding bike has all of the above, as well as a very competitive and affordable S$1,399.00 retail price tag, excluding the latest trade-in discounts if you are eligible.

Happy and safe riding!

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More photos of the MOBOT CAMP GOLD below: