Product Review: Crono CR-1


MELVIN GOH – 4th Jul 2017

For more than 40 years, Crono has been working for what it has been passionate about: providing the cycling world with top quality shoes. Crono keeps in line with the proud Italian tradition of impeccable craftsmanship, even down to the smallest details, a key feature in its product catalogue that caters to road bikers, mountain bikers, and even runners.

The Crono CR-1 is a pair of road bike shoes that adequately embodies the love that goes behind its creation. For an introductory price currently at S$360, it seems like a steal for an Italian-made carbon sole shoe, but considering the waves it is making in the cycling scene, is it worth the hype?

From the onset, the Crono CR-1 already exudes the exquisiteness that comes from Italian craftsmanship, from the material that is pleasant to the touch, to the attention to detail in the decalling, subtle Italian colours and all. Of course, beauty is only skin deep, and as eye-catching as the design is, the technology behind it matters just as much, if not even more. Two main technologies are featured in this shoe: BOA closure system and Multi Contact Closure System.

BOA closure system is a technology that is able to improve the fitting and functionality of the shoe by increasing the closure and pressure all over your feet during tightening to provide the best fit. Additionally, the tightening can be done quickly and accurately with just one hand for both quick wearing and removal. As for the Multi Contact Closure System, it is a new standard of tightening due to its ability to keep one’s feet steady, yet having the perfect fit to provide a better control overall.

With increased tightness comes the risk of suffocation. Thankfully, Crono solved that conundrum by integrating lasered aerated holes around various parts of the shoe, maximising breathability and comfortability on the foot.

The CR-1 also feels stiffer than most models, and it shows on the stiffness rating (over 10, as compared to the average of 9). The increased stiffness greatly enhances power transfer, an upgrade that is much appreciated by competitive veterans looking to squeeze every drop of power they can find. Now, there is a common misconception on the stiffness of a shoe as it being directly correlated to how comfortable it is. In fact, it is the fitting that determines the comfortability. And, thanks to the two closure systems, it feels like I’ve got a cosy pair of socks wrapped around my feet.

In all, the CR-1 is a great fit for veteran cyclists with a bigger budget who are looking to optimise their ride experience as much as possible. The shoe ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort, fitting, stiffness, and breathability. It is another typically boutique Italian product with all its flair and beauty, packaged with finesse.

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