Ambersil Ambersolv SB1 Review

Ben C | 3rd Nov 2016 | PRODUCT REVIEWS

We all know that keeping our bikes clean is the best way of ensuring it works correctly and safely, while making sure it stays looking good. Clean components wear out less quickly than dirty ones, a well-kept bike will definitely perform better, and won’t require as much maintenance. After that hard century ride, give yourself a big pat on the back but don’t forget about your bike. In weather changing Singapore, if you had just ridden in the rain, skipping the bike cleaning can result in dirt and grime accumulating on the drivetrain, and cause damage to the brakes or the braking surfaces on rim brakes as well as making your bike look under the weather literally.

There’s a vast arsenal of grime-fighting weaponry available for removing dirt, cleaning drivetrains and adding the finishing touches to a bike, but choosing what products to use can be time consuming and also confusing.

Enter the Ambersil Ambersolv SB1. At first glance, one might not relate the Ambersolv SB1 to be a bike cleaner. But why not? The Ambersolv SB1 is used throughout the aerospace, industrial and engineering industry to quickly and effectively remove oils, greases, bitumen, silicones, rubber-based adhesives, oil-based paints, inks and dyes. Besides, the Ambersolv SB1 is safe to use on plastics and metals.

The Ambersil Ambersolv SB1 comes with a nozzle for easy application onto hard to reach areas.

A complex micro-emulsion cleaner, based on a blend of high grade citrus oils and surfactants, the Ambersolv SB1 has a pleasant citrus smell when applied with the easy to apply spray. In our tests, the Ambersolv SB1 was very effective in penetrating deep into the chain and gears with just a little spray, and cleaned out our test bikes with ease, removing even the dirt and mud from one of the rides after a downpour, allowing us to easily lube the chains after. The 400ml can will easily last through many applications, making it one of the most value for money bike cleaner you can get your hands on.

Gears are all shiny and clean after using Ambersil Ambersolv SB1.

The Ambersil Ambersolv SB1 is widely available and distributed by Active Cycle, and carried by
Bike Labz at Bedok Industrial Park and Bike Terminal at Smith Street. Retailing at $22, there is a promotional price of $19.50 whilst stock lasts.