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Having seen how strenuous and exhausting it is for car owners, who have no access to proper car washing bay, to wash their own car, a group of local entrepreneurs proceed to devise a portable car washer hoping to put a stop to their misery. After months of development and fine tuning, Aevoz car washer is finally available to the public. The main draw for Aevoz is in its large water containment and mobility. While the idea of a portable car washer is not new, most designs in the market runs on external power source, such as the car’s 12V outlet. The main problem with such a washer is that one of the doors has to be left ajar during wash. This could lead to water sipping into the car if care is not exercised. Simultaneously, the engine has to be left running during use. This would increase both cost and emission of greenhouse gases. Aevoz aims to circumvent the above problems by having its own built-in power source. By running on internal power source, user will no longer have to worry water sipping in during wash. As added incentives, user can also save cost and helps in preserving valuable water resources.

Up close and personal

Aevoz is built upon the concept of a 4 wheel luggage, thus it is no coincidence that it look exactly like a one. It even has the extendable handle at the back so that you can pull it along on 2 wheels. Inside the compact molded case hides an 18-litres water tank, a water pump and a rechargeable battery pack.  The dry weight of the washer is about 5kg, and the weight increases to 23kg when completely filled. While the water tank holds just enough water for one car wash, the battery pack is more capable than that. One full charge of the battery (takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery) will supply enough electrons for the pump to run continuously for about an hour, capable of pumping 8 full tanks of water. Therefore, for extended use, user only needs to ensure he has sufficient water supply.

While the Aevoz really started out as a car washing device, its easy portability allows it to be used in a wide range of applications. For example, you can use it to wash Kayaks, bicycles or even for showering during camping trips. And since this reviewer is also an avid mountain biker, I will share my experience in using the Aevoz for my cycling trips as well.

Car Washing

The Aevoz would greatly benefit car owners who have no access to direct water supply for the washing of their cars. Instead of carrying two big pails of water from your residence to the carpark, you can now simply roll the Aevoz along with all your barang barang attached on it.

I own a Honda Jazz and am one of the luckier ones who have access to a HDB washing bay. Therefore, I do not face the problem of having to carry buckets of water to wash my car. Nonetheless, after trying out the Aevoz, I realized that it helped in reducing my water usage. My weekly washing routine would require 2 top-ups from the water vending machine, which roughly translate to 4 pails of water. With the Aevoz and some conscious planning, I am able to complete the same task with just 18 litres of water. To do that, I will first dispense about 1/4 pail of water and use that for soaping. After soaping, I will use the balance for rinsing off. During the rinse, I found the rollers extremely useful as I was able to drag the Aevoz around vehicle to access relevant areas. After some trial and error, I found the Jet mode best for removing the wheel stain (after I am done with scrubbing with degreaser) and the Fan mode for rinsing off. However, like I said, the 18 litres is only achievable if I monitor my water usage closely. For most of the time, I tend to be more generous and use two pails of water for my weekly wash. Even so, that represents a 50% reduction in water usage. Being battery operated, the Aevoz is not as powerful as the compressor type water jet. Therefore, for ultra dirty washes, you will need to wet the vehicle and soften the dirt prior to jetting off with Aevoz. Also, additional tanks of water are needed to complete tougher jobs.

Bicycle Washing

One of the considerations in choosing the Honda Jazz is its ability to carry two riders and their mountain bikes securely inside the car. But the dread comes when you have to actually stuff the muddy bikes into the car. In the past, I would either improvise with plenty of newspaper to protect the interior or use whatever water I have on hand to wash off the nastier mud. With the Aevoz, those worries are things of the past.

Before my ride, I would fill up the Aevoz and chuck it into the boot. With the pulleys, it was easy to push both my bike and the Aevoz at the same time. At 23kg, it is easy enough to carry it into boot. The compact size also meant that it will not be taking up valuable boot space. Even with the Aevoz in tow, I can still pack two bicycles and two sets of cycling gears in the boot (with the rear seats folded down, of course). The only consideration is that Aevoz will shift around when the car is in motion due to its rollers. Therefore, you will need to stuff stoppers at the wheels to keep it still.

After my ride, I will simply unload the Aevoz from the trunk and push it together with the bike to a suitable washing location. To wash the bike, I will first wet the bike sparingly with some water and soap it up with the shampoo and sponge I brought along. For muddy tires, I would loosen the mud with a brush. Once these are done, I will proceed to use the Jet mode to wash off the mud on the tires and hard to reach areas, followed by a final rinse in the Shower/Fan mode. Wipe down the bike and I got a sparkling clean bike again. One full tank can last two muddy bikes, perfect for my need. If I am riding alone, the extra water will go to showering or for the washing of other muddy gears. If more water is needed, I would bring along additional water supply in one of those collapsible water jerry cans.

How I Like It

First and foremost, I must reiterate that Aevoz is not the only portable car washer available in the market. As a general opinion, it is not powerful enough to deal with super dirty washes. But the lack in power is largely compensated by its large water containment, mobility and attractive pricing. For comparison, I know of a certain portable washer which is more powerful, but only contain about 13 litres of water, has limited mobility and cost 2.5 times as much. And since it runs on external power source, it has to be operated around one.

As a car washer, I like the idea that you can pack all that you need onto this nifty washer and push it to your car without breaking a sweat. For those regular washes, its 18 litres capacity should see you through the wash adequately. The changeable shower head provides you with many spray options depending on your need. This allows you to be more efficient with water usage, thus helping to conserve valuable resources. The ability to move the Aevoz around the car while washing is also another big plus. However, the lack of serious water pressure for the dirty days would cost it several brownie points.

Although it was not its original purpose, I find that the Aevoz meets my needs as a mountain biker even more adequately. In my case, I needed a portable washing device for me to clean my dirty bicycles before stowing them into the trunk, and the Aevoz meets my needs almost perfectly. At 23kg when completely filled, it is easy to bring it into the boot and its compact size does not take up valuable space in my compact Jazz. And unlike washing a car, the lack of serious water pressure is not a major concern here. In fact bikers should not be jetting their bikes with high water pressure as this might cause water to sip into bearings can causing premature failure. Last but not least, running on internal power source means that I can push Aevoz and my bike to an appropriate location before rinsing the mud off. This would not be possible if for washer relying on external source. In this case, you have to wash the bike near your running vehicle, and the property owner might not be when he sees the pile of leftover mud in his parking lot.

In all, I think the Aevoz will appeal to car owners who do not have access to a washing bay. For those who do, Aevoz can be a good supplementary tool for your usual washing routine. Personally, where I think the Aevoz really shines is its flexibility for other applications, such as being a bicycle washer in my case. Since it is internally powered, its application is only limited by your own imagination. All Aevoz unit come with a standard one year warranty and all the internal parts are replaceable by the agent.

Other uses I have thought of:

  1. Use for cleaning after an outing at the beach, or after a hike
  2. Use it for washing of hands/utensils during or after BBQ
  3. Use for watering of plant