7iDP M1 Helmet


In almost everything we do these days, safety is of paramount importance, whether you are waiting to board the train or bus to work or school, or even you are a pedestrian walking along the pavement, having a good sense of safety plays an important part in keeping us from harm’s way so that we can all get back home to our loved ones safely at the end of the day. As the hub of our nervous system, the head is probably the most critical part of our body to protect, as head injuries may adversely impact the rest of our bodies as well. Having adequate head protection whilst you’re cycling may seem like a fashion faux pas to some, but victims of these injuries would certainly beg to disagree. To alleviate this, helmet manufacturers are starting to place great importance into the design and aesthetics of helmets to make them look seriously cool with a whole variety of colours and paintjob designs to suit almost every rider’s taste and fancy.

7iDP is one such company that produces awesome looking helmets, with their colours and designs so eye-catching that not wearing a helmet would instead make you look uncool. The 7iDP could easily pass off as another fashion accessory that will enhance and complete a rider’s entire outfit and look, literally from head to toe, and wearing its helmet will up your cool factor a few notches.  From the entire range of mountain biking that they have available, the M1 helmet is their flagship model which offers full face protection that guards the face and chin in the event of any unfortunate fall or crash, as injuries to the front of the face could also just as lethal as it is to the back of the head.

The M1 full face helmet is a lightweight helmet that has a polycarbonate shell with a large eye port that provides a huge field of vision to fit even the largest of goggles without obstruction. The helmet also consists of 17 air vents that ensure excellent ventilation, especially around the critical areas of the head to help the rider stay cool during hard rides or long climbs due to the strategically placed air intake vents, these vents are also covered in a fine mesh material which acts as a filter to prevent any debris from getting into the helmet and onto the rider’s scalp while riding or in the event of a fall.  The vented muzzle also allows air to flow easily into the helmet from the front whilst blocking off any dirt from passing through it and getting inhaled by the rider. A thick piece of padding lies inside the muzzle maximises frontal protection while the foam backed inserts keep debris out as well.  At the top of the helmet is an adjustable peak or visor that is securely held in place with two aluminium screws along with a central thumb screw for easier adjustment. This peak provides adequate shade from the sun when this helmet is used in glaringly sunny conditions.

The M1 full face helmet is available in 8 colours that are all screen printed which maintains the tenacity of both helmet and design. The matt finish also holds up very well, even when thrown around repeatedly. It is also offered in a wide range of five sizes, from extra small to extra-large, more than sufficient to fit any rider’s head size.

Having been tested according to CE, CPSC and AS standards, the M1 has proven itself to be a very reliable helmet indeed.

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