Product Courtesy of Oakley Singapore

The Story

Oakley Jawbones were first seen being wore by Thor Hushovd and George Hincapie at the 2008 Tour de France. Since then the Jawbones have become the choice of Lance Armstrong (Astana) and Columbia-Highroad fast man Mark Cavendish. A set of Jawbone was passed to for testing.


The Technology

The Jawbones are an evolution of Oakley’s Racing Jackets. Besides the bold visual restyling, the Jawbones feature Oakley’s 3-point fit system and lenses that are suspended in the frames using Oakley’s new Switchlock retention system. This retention system isolates the lenses from compressive stresses of a conventional frame. By eliminating these stresses Oakley is able to further reduce distortion within the optic field. The pivoting nosepiece and “lower jaw” system doubles as a quick-release system for lens switch outs. When the “lower jaw” is in the open position, the pivoting nosepiece and lenses can be easily removed and replaced without having the fear of breaking a piece of your Oakley. Once the nosepiece is rotated into the locked position, the lens removal feature is de-activated. Using the nosepiece as a quick-release, dirt and fingerprints on the lenses are kept to a minimum.

The Oakley Jawbone is available in a range of color options including Atomic Orange, Retina Burn and Infra Red. Lens options include vented Iridium® lens coatings to balance light transmission, photochromic technology that automatically adjusts lens darkness in response to sunlight, and Oakley polarization that blocks glare without the haze and optical distortion. With multiple lens color options, athletes can choose to maximize their color perception or improve their visual contrast to optimize depth perception. The lenses feature Oakley’s High Definition Optics, are impact resistance, and offer UVA, UVB, and UVC protection.

Wearing it…

Our review set was a pair of Infrared Jawbone with Photochromic Lenses. Upon wearing it, I actually feel that the Jawbone actually sits closer to my face and providing more coverage than Oakley’s all time favorite Radar and it also comes with 2nd set of nose piece which is of a different size. The frames are flexible enough for a comfortable fit but also grips well enough over my ears that no matter what you are doing they don’t slip around. The shorter ear arms have been structured around being just short enough so as it doesn’t interfere with my helmet strap. I wear contact lenses for riding sessions and for any shades that doesn’t provide enough coverage I would actually feel discomfort due to the dust particles would get into my eyes.


I would experience fogging problems with most glasses/Shades when they provide decent wrapping around my eyes. The jagged lens vents on the top and bottom of the corner of the lenses prevents any fogging from happening, even in humid conditions. And the vents are small enough that they don’t let light in. I have always been a Photochromic lens user for more than 2 years and in comparison of the Photochromic lens on the Jawbone which was one of the features I enjoyed the most. Having to choose the type of lens for the type of weather conditions, day or night riding and location of riding has always been an issue for me. The Photochromic lens actually darkens when I am experiencing bright sunlight pretty quickly. It also comes with a semihard case that would protect your Oakley when you are not wearing them and Oakley’s storage/cleaning bag.

Some of the Pros:

–          Vented Lenses (Prevent Fogging)

–          Very comfortable (Feels like not wearing any shades at all)

–          Easy to change lenses (Does not have the fear of breaking a piece off my Oakley)

–          Look cool


–          Design might be over the top for some

The Verdict

The Oakley Jawbones are highly recommended for any athletes. They not only look cool, feel comfortable and block out lots of light while providing protection from UV rays for your eyes. Oakley can’t really be called cheap, but you won’t find the same sort of quality and comfort at your local discount store. The Oakley Jawbone are just fantastic.