The Urban Bike Debuts in Taipei Cycle


[Taipei Cycle 2016] The Urban Bike (TUB) of Singapore Debuts in Taipei Cycle


The Urban Bike is founded in Singapore by Tiffany, Lem and EC. The Singaporean company was started as a result of their interest in cycling to work whenever possible.

The company specializes in belt-driven bikes and has been both innovators and designers for their bike brand. Togoparts learnt from them that the choice of focusing on belt-driven technology is because it is more well suited to bike for commuting in the city as they are cleaner, rust free, almost maintenance free and last longer than metal chains on standard bikes.

Coupled with their chic and stylish designs, the bikes they carry do indeed encourage anyone to ride whenever possible.

This year is their first presence in an international level tradeshow, with their booth situated at the Taipei World Trade Center, next to the Taipei 101. As from our observation, there are good interest among the international trade visitors from as far off as Europe in this uniquely Singaporean brand.
An example of their cutting edge creations depicted above was reviewed before by Togoparts. See Here

For us Singaporeans, we need not wait longer, as you can get a TUB in Singapore now! To view the latest offerings and test the bikes, visit their showroom at 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #07-21 Northpoint Bizhub Singapore 768159. or visit



Image Source: The Urban Bike