It’s no secret that the festive period is a time for family, gift-giving, and reminiscing. But our #TOGOFESTIVE100 participants had other ideas! Over the course of the holiday season, our riders set an accumulated distance of 358,960 km. Now that’s what we call dedication! We’re happy to be a part of your festivities, and we hope we’ll join us for more over the coming year. 

Now sit back while we go through some memorable #TOGOFESTIVE100!

Kicking things off on the 21st of December, participants were getting to ride under colourful Christmas lights and joyful vibes. The festivities are usually a time for relaxation and looking back at a turbulent year, but not for our participants! Out of 1,443 participants, 1,231 were finishers the 12 of January 2021; they completed the challenge with flying colours, dusted themselves off, and still had time to enjoy the jolly season with their friends and family!

Now this can’t be a wrap up article without talking about our beloved top riders, Thomas Ng and Kathleen. 

Our king of the road, Thomas, clocked in a total of 2,650.40 km! Someone really needs to check what those calves are made of! While our Queen of the festive period, Kathleen, covered a total of 979.24 km. If that’s not dedication during a usually busy time of the year, we don’t know what is!

If you’re a Togoparts veteran, you may already know that we offer a list of unlockable achievements to keep things interesting. And why would we change anything this time round?! As expected, our hard-working participants smashed our expectations by racking up the achievements. 

To keep things festive and jolly, we included the Goalie achievement. Participants had to download our #TOGOFESTIVE100 twibbon, snap a picture, and post it on their respective social media accounts with hashtags #TOGOFESTIVE100 & #TOGORIDE2021. It’s safe to say that we had some incredible entries that deserved to unlock the achievement!

While for the Finisher achievement, 85% of our participants have clocked in at least 100 km during the course of the #TOGOFESTIVE100 Challenge! This is by far our highest finisher percentage, as compared to our previous events over the years. What a way to end a challenging 2020. Here’s to finishing 2021 with another new record!

Let’s not forget about team efforts! 16 dominating teams accumulated a total of at least 2,021 km, successfully unlocking the Resolutionaries achievement! 

This definitely surpassed our expectations, if it wasn’t high enough already. Let’s keep the momentum going, our feet pedaling, and push towards an even great year during 2021! When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, 751 participants take the cake!  These riders made a point by starting hot, and giving themselves a head start to their 2021 cycling journey!

As a result, these riders unlocked the Hot Start achievement for clocking at least 20.21 km during their first ride of the new year! That’s what we call being on a roll. Can the rest of you catch up? We don’t doubt it!

It’s been a great and joyful festive period, no doubt about that! But, at Togoparts, we believe in riding straight ahead towards our goals. And now, our eyes are locked on 2021 – another year for great achievements and multiple mileage to cover! 

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