Valentine’s Day: a day to celebrate love and the rest of mushy stuff that comes with relationships. But at Togoparts, we love to keep things interesting, especially when a bicycle is involved. So, we thought we should spice things up during our very own Valentine’s Day event: #TOGO143. But more on that later!

Let’s kick things off with the amazing effort our participants put in (as per usual). In total, we rode 58,054 km as a community during the course of the event. But what did we expect?! The Togoparts community never fails to impress. In addition 229 out of 283 participants completed the challenge. Finishers galore!

Now, back to the dash of spice we added, we decided to allow participants to look for a new match to cycle with! And we were overwhelmed with the responses: 135 of participants decided to get matched up, allowing them to gain the “Swipe Right” achievement. We guess a lot of you love meeting new people. As a reward for their bravery to meet up with a fellow rider, we gave out those participants a complimentary “Buy 1, Free 1” ice cream voucher from Bread & Butterfly from Saveur. We thought it was a great way to cool off after a long and tiring ride! We hope you enjoyed your free ice cream! 

Do you really think Valentine’s Day would stop our wonderful community from riding? Nope! During the day of love, 92 of our participants rode on the day to celebrate love the way they know best – riding their beloved bicycles! However, a whopping 78 out of 92 rode all by themselves. Not to worry, they had their bicycle with them every step of the way. For their efforts during Valentine’s Day, they unlocked the “Friendzoned” achievement! While 14 riders rode as a couple, allowing them to unlock the “DTC” achievement. To the 78 friendzoned riders, don’t worry, your perfect cycling partner is just around the corner!

In spirit of the month of love, 34 participants decided to pair up and hit the track! They went to clock in 22 km together to unlock the “Double Trouble” achievement. They truly doubled up to double down! We salute your effort.

It’s time for a round of applause for our newcomers! During #TOGO143, we welcomed 32 participants to our Togoparts family. And they impressed us right from the get-go; they covered at least 50 km to unlock the “Seeking Balance” achievement! We can’t wait to see you progress into greatness! 

Now it’s time to show some appreciation to our overachievers! Say hello to Allen, or allenlibao, our top cyclists for #TOGO143. He clocked in an overall of 1,486.77 km! That’s what we call impressive! We were truly spoilt with the amount of participants that went above and beyond during the course of the challenge. A jaw-dropping 130 hit at least 143 km during the event, unlocking the “Randonneur” achievement. While 29 participants teamed up to unlock the “Team Randonnneur” achievement!  

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