Welcome to Part 2 of the guide, in this part, we will be moving closer to the centre and the western part of Singapore. Read on!

North Eastern Riverine Loop

The North Eastern Riverine Loop takes you around a plateau surrounded by water, the perfect way to enjoy Singapore’s many rivers and coasts without getting wet. The entrances to this loop are quite limited as there are only two park connectors that connect to the loop. Access the loop at Punggol Park via the Serangoon Park Connector. Here are the attractions around the area;

  • Punggol Promenade

The Punggol Promenade is a path on the edge of mainland Punggol looking out towards Coney Island. The promenade has made the Punggol coastline accessible to the public as it was once inaccessible before the promenade was built. Feel the coastal vibes as the ocean breeze caress your skin and enjoy some of the sea life that you may see upon the coasts. Take note, there have been reported sightings of box jellyfish in Singaporean waters so be alert when visiting here.

  • Punggol Waterway Park

Built around the Punggol Waterway, this park is a good way to spend your time enjoying a leisure-filled day. The parks are separated into 4 different themed areas Nature Cove, Recreation Zone, Heritage Zone and Green Gallery. You can run, jog, walk, and cycle to explore all the different areas. Or, take it slow and just relax on the park benches while listening to the flow of trickling water from the waterway and the cooling breeze blowing through your hair.

  • Sengkang Riverside Park

Located by the bank of Sungei Punggol, this riverside park carries a calm and tranquil atmosphere. You can find many trails to the marshlands and find the critters that reside there. Alternatively, take a trail to the park’s fruit-bearing trees and see how fruits you find in the supermarket are grown.

Southern Ridges Loop

Located South West on the main island, the Southern Ridges Loop takes you through nature overlooking the city and nature. Take the boardwalks and paths if you want to look at the beautiful views of Singaporean greens. Enter through the Marang Trail and end near the Labrador Park MRT station. Here’s what to look forward to;

  • Henderson Waves

This high pedestrian bridge is built to look like a wooden wave at its peak. Its shape makes it so that there are recesses and shells that allows its users to sit and rest while they journey on the bridge. When it’s bright out, the bridge overlooks the green trees and the grey concrete jungle in the distance. When night falls, the lights come on and the bridge becomes a view to behold. 

  • The Singing Forest

The Singing Forest gets its name from the birds that live there and the sounds that they make. This place is good for parents to bring their children for a spot of birdwatching, bring a pair of binoculars and some patience. Head to the boardwalk and witness rare species of birds singing as they pass you by.

  • Alexandra Arch

This bridge connects HortPark to Telok Blangah and Henderson Waves and provides a great view while doing so. Built using metal mesh, you can be immersed in nature as you explore the ins and outs of the Alexandra Arch. Take a scenic walk over and through stretches of forest. There is the Earth Trail on the ground which provides you with the experience of exploring the local forests.

  • Labrador Nature Reserve

Take a walk on the pathway across the coastal landscape and see the beach and wildlife without getting wet. There is an old fort to find and see the abandoned cannons from the colonial periods of Singapore. You can birdwatch, fish, take a tour, picnic, and exercise here. And when you’re done with that during the day, dine at the restaurant nearby or rent a barbecue pit to have a fun barbecue party.

Northern Explorer Loop

The Northern Explorer Loop takes you through the urban landscapes and natural wonders that will help you experience how humans managed to integrate with nature. The entrance is at either end of the route, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park and Woodlands Waterfront. Look at some of the offerings to visit;

  • Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Located just by the edge of the Lower Seletar Reservoir, this park gets the best scenery of the reservoir. With calm blue waters and billowing breeze, have fun with the family at the performance stage, water play area, bioswale rain garden, and the Heritage Bridge. Near the water, you can go fishing, dragon boating, and kayaking. A fun way to keep the family happy.

  • Ulu Sembawang Park Connector

The Ulu Sembawang Park Connector actually cuts through the nature reserve, so if you ever feel too cooped up in the urban environment that you’re so used to, pick up your bike and travel this trail to take a break from your lifestyle.

  • Admiralty Park

Due to its location in the nature-filled area at Woodlands, there are two natural biomes that you can explore, the park’s hilly terrain and the mangrove boardwalk. Either one, you’re going to have fun. Admiralty Playground is located within the park with different equipment utilising the park’s different terrains, you can bring your child for some fun together.

  • Woodlands Waterfront Park

This waterfront park is perfect for recreational activities as it offers an aesthetic view of the sea from the North. It also features a 1.5 km waterfront promenade perfect for running, jogging, and walking. Enjoy the unobscured view of the Straits of Johor from a high vantage point and the safety of a shelter. The terrain of the park gives a challenge to those who want to jog, run, and walk there. 

Western Adventure Loop

Cycle through the city and its outskirts when you explore the Western Adventure Loop. Covering parks and trails, this route will give you the satisfaction you need from a cycling expedition. Enter near Choa Chu Kang Park Connector or Hillview Park Connector near Bukit Batok Nature Park. Here’s what to do and see on the loop;

  • Choa Chu Kang Park

The very accessible Cho Chu Kang Park is only a 10-minute walk from the Choa Chu Kang MRT and Lot One Shoppers’ Mall. This little green haven in the city centre gives families some timeout together. There is even a spot for the community to grow their crops to help nature out.

  • Zhenghua Nature Park

This nature park is actually a buffer between the reserve and the city, a wide range of plants were introduced to help the public to see experience a little bit of the reserve’s biodiversity. And that caused the fauna to populate the little nature park as well. Explore what nature has to offer with the park’s multi-purpose event lawn, a children’s play area, an exercise station, a pavilion, public toilets, shelters, as well as jogging and cycling tracks.

  • Dairy Farm Nature Park

This nature used to house a cowshed, thus its name. Find the Wallace Education Centre which features an education gallery with interactive exhibits and themed exhibitions about the natural world. Take the Wallace Trail to discover the flora and fauna and the history behind the nature park and view the gorgeous view surrounding the second forest from a viewing deck.

  • Bukit Batok Nature Park

Built from an old abandoned quarry, this nature park shows how nature reclaims all that humans leave behind. Stroll through the trails of the park and reach the lushness of the forests. Or, you can get more intense by running or jogging through the forest and hearing the crickets chirping. There is a pond with nice views at the foot of a steep cliff that you can relax at. Also, visit the World War 2 memorial plaque and pay respects to the fallen soldiers.

Congratulations, you’ve learned the best places to visit on these loops. Or have you? There are a lot more places to visit and if you haven’t read Part 1 of the guide, do so here. If you want to try them out, why not join the #TOGOSGRTI2022 challenge? Earn achievements and rewards when you ride on these loops!