27 February 2022, Singapore – The inaugural Festival Of Cycling 2022 was launched on Sunday morning as part of the Sports Hub Sports Series by the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) and Singapore Sports Hub, an all-inclusive sports, entertainment, and lifestyle centre. The festival is comprised of 6 cycling events which will be held over the course of the year. Three of which have been held on Sunday in conjunction with its launch, a Kids-Cadet event, Road Criterium and an SCF Cycling Esports Experience.

Kids-Cadet event

From 8 am to 1 pm at the OCBC Arena, 45 child participants were part of four events in the Kids-Cadet event, here are the results;

Category No. of participants Podium winners 
Cadet D (4-6 years) –  Push bike1st: CHANG, RAPHAEL; 2nd: Chng, Wei yuan; 3rd: Foo, Kayden
Cadet D (4-6 years) –  Pedal bike1st: Mohamad Asyraf,  Syaraf Qabeel;  2nd: Lua, Tsutomu; 3rd: Rochon, Samuel 
Cadet C (7-8 years) 10 1st: Qushairy, Ahmad  Farish;  2nd: Mishary, Ahmad  Fatrish; 3rd: Su, Kaiani
Cadet B (9-10 years) 13 1st: Immanuel, Jaden; 2nd: Teo En Kai, Julian; 3rd: Ridwan, Rayyan 
Cadet A (11-12 years) 1st: Dylan Tai; 2nd: Ahmad Halil,  Mohamed Ariyan Hazeeq;  3rd: Faizal, Nordania  Adawiah

Road Criterium Events

A criterium event typically lasts from 1-2 hours in a circuit of a few kilometres. On Sunday, SCF held the first of many road criterium races to come over the ensuing months. Due to the trend of small-wheeled folding bikes in Singapore, a folding-bike category was kicked off that day with 27 participants taking part. The criterium events happened at Stadium Drive (North) in 5 laps, clockwise direction, with 1.25 km per lap.

205 participants attended 11 race categories. Here are the results;

Category CategoryNo. of participants Podium winners Time(s) 
Paracycling 1st: Wee Leong TEE; 2nd: Arkal, Prashant; 3rd: AN, Sebastian  Adrian Yan Zhi6:58.608, 7:05.078, 8:47.817
Fixies (single speed bicycles  with one or no  brakes)18 1st: Fauzi, Muhammad; 2nd: Lim, Hui Leong; 3rd: Muhammad  Siddiq Samuwel9:54.512, 9:56.375, 10:03.361
Foldies (folding  bicycles)27 1st: Chan, Daryl; 2nd: Ong, Ee Leong; 3rd: Seeto, Chee Wai11:58.143, 11:59.282, 12:01.368
Men’s Youth 11 1st: Ismail, Mubarak; 2nd: Chan, Baxter; 3rd: Mitchell, William14:25.985, 14:27.000, 14:27.018
Men’s Juniors 22 1st: Lim, Kenneth; 2nd: Chan, Jeremiah; 3rd: Lim, Eamon15:42.513, 15:42.837, 15:42.914
Women’s Open 13 1st: Yap, Chelsea; 2nd: Neumann, Ines; 3rd: Tan, Sarah14:26.184, 14:26.384, 14:26.467
Men’s Masters 34 1st: Barbier, Romain; 2nd: Khoo, Kelvin; 3rd: Brown, Ruairi14:09.260, 14:09.886, 14:10.145
Men’s Open 22 1st: Chadwick, Mark; 2nd: Hattersley, Luke; 3rd: YEO Boon Kiak20:14.471, 20:14.505, 20:14.511
Men’s U23 20 1st: Bin Ismail,  Mohammad Syaheed; 2nd: Tong, Khoon Fung; 3rd: Koh, Andy18:24.637, 19:02.509, 19:15.087
Men’s Seniors 24 1st: Arnott, Ben; 2nd: Swallow, Nick; 3rd: Hayashi, Keiichi14.12.237, 14.54.334, 14.54.552
Men’s Veterans 1st: Hughson, John; 2nd: Iliffe, Trent; 3rd: Pederen, Henrik  Elschner13.57.02

SCF Cycling Exports Experience

Held on Level 2 at the OCBC Arena, 25 people took 30 short minutes each to experience a virtual ride through a virtual world using the Zwift platform.

About SCF

Representing the 6 main disciplines of cycling which are Road, Track, Mountain Bike  (MTB), BikeTrial, Cycling Esports and BMX racing, SCF, as the Singaporean national governing body for the promotion and development of cycling, is responsible for licensing professional cyclists, sanctioning local events, and ensuring compliance with Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) international regulations of global competitions that involve Singapore registered cyclists and teams.

About Singapore Sports Hub

Located at a 35-hectare site in Kallang with various sites for all sorts of sporting activities including land and water sports for world-class activities and community events to serve the local community of the young and elderly. It plays an important role in expediting the development of Singapore’s sports industry, merit, and engagement. The aim of the Singapore Sports Hub is to be the nation’s main sports, entertainment and lifestyle spot.