Sweden opens world’s first Bike House.┬áSource:┬áCopenhagenize

Sweden surprised the world again with its innovative solutions. This time it opened the world’s first apartment building built for cyclist or bicycle house as they call it.

In sharp contrast to regular residential buildings, you can park bikes on every floor. For this purpose, the architect designed wider access corridors and reinforced the railings.

Residents of the bicycle house have access to three bike repair stations fully equipped with tools, two outside and one in the basement. Another feature is a bicycle pool with custom made bikes available for borrowing, designed by Danish DIY cargo bike maker XYZ Cargo.

The project was conceived and built by Architecture Bureau Hauschild + Siegel and was named Ohboy. They invested a lot of time and effort to make it as bicycle friendly as possible. The bicycle pool represents a good example. To help the residents be as car-free as possible, they ordered three-wheeler cargo bikes for carrying heavier loads. Moreover, there is a kindergarten cargo bike available with room for six children, a bicycle taxi with room for two passengers, and regular folding bikes.

Because the bike taxi and kindergarten bike are extra wide, the designers made all doors, including the apartment doors, 10 cm wider than usual, so that you can bring the bikes all the way up and in your apartment. They also increased the turning radius in stairwells and elevators’ width and depth. This ease-of-use means that you can wheel the cargo bike all the way to your refrigerator and unload there.

The corridors, the stairs, and the elevators are all extra wide. Source: Copenhagenize

The apartments have open floor plan so that you can design the interior as you like, and are fitted with fully equipped kitchens. On the roof, there is a terrace providing a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Apartments offer a lot of opens space. Source: Copenhagenize

First residents of Ohboy have already moved in and are happy with their new homes. “The level of details is incredible,” says one resident

The development is located in Malmo’s Western Harbour, the center of urban cycling in Malmo. Several other property owners have tried to reduce the number of cars in the area and promote the cycling culture, though none has gone as far as Hauschild + Siegel.

This story was first reported by Copenhagenize.

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