Domio headphones lets riders listen to music while still hearing what’s happening around them.

For a cyclist, being able to hear what’s going on is absolutley important to prevent getting into an accident. This is why wearing headphones that “shut out” the surrounding noise is a bad idea.

Tech company Domio just revealed their flagship product of the same name, a wireless audio device designed to attach to a helmet using a 3M adhesive mount. The device transmits the sound directly to the hemet using a type of micro-vibration technology, eliminating the need to wear headphones to enjoy music.

Domio uses bluetooth to tap into a phone or music player, with a volume control found on the device itself. Domio is powered by a USB-rechargable battery that can keep it powered for about 7 hours under normal conditions. It is also shockproof and water resistant to make it suitable for cycling regardless of weather conditions.


Coming to Asia… soon

Domio can already be pre-ordered for a discounted price of 49 USD (Regular Price is $109 USD), and is expected to be ready for delivery by Autumn. However, initial shipping is only available to US and Canada. Customers in Europe and Asia can expect shipping to be available by late 2016.