It’s a given that 2020 was a tough year for everyone. The past year was clouded with fear for our safety and uncertainty over the future. However, some have decided not to allow the current situation to bring them down!

Kicking things off, say hello to our new cycling partners! Throughout 2020, Togoparts gained a total 6,422 participants that joined our first ever year-long virtual cycling challenge. With thousands of pedals moving, our participants covered a combined total of 6,323,380 km. Talk about covering ground, our riders could go around the globe 149 times!

Additionally, our Togoparts family is becoming increasingly diverse! Over the course of 2020, our members currently consist of 22 countries around the world. It’s great to see a worldwide community growing at a steady pace; and here’s to more members joining from various backgrounds! 

Talk about rounding off a turbulent year with a BANG! Over 1,800 riders clocked in at least 1000 km to conquer the year. Despite it being a hectic year for everyone, our participants let out their frustrations in the most appropriate fashion. Let’s keep on pedaling as we usher in the new year! 

When it comes to collecting achievements, our participants seem to be racking up the prizes! Over 800 participants have unlocked all of our season badges over the past challenges across the year. On behalf of the Togoparts team, we salute you all!

All of our participants went above and beyond to achieve their goals, and we couldn’t be prouder. However, we’d like to give a round of applause for our 5 participants that clocked in over 15,000 km over the course of the past year!  

Say hello to Nicolette Tan! Our top female #TOGORide20 participant. She currently boasts 329 completed rides, with a total of 14,610 km. With all that’s been going on over the past, our Queen of 2020 did not let anything phase her and kept on pedaling!

We’re also proud to introduce Thomas, our top male #TOGORide20 cyclist. Despite the current climate, he put on his helmet, grabbed his bicycle and covered over 19,362 km over the course of 2020! Our champ stated that Togoparts helped him go above and beyond by giving him, and other cyclists, the platform to do so. As a result, he easily exceeded his yearly personal goal of 15,000 km! 


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