A rear light that brightens up when the cyclist brakes!

CHARLES LEE | 17th Apr 2015 | NEWS

Whenever a motorist steps on the brakes, the rear lights of his car or motorcycle will be simultaneously brightened as part of the vehicular alert system to warn other motorists that he is slowing down.  Whilst this technology is not something new, most of the bicycle rear safety lighting systems used by night cyclists are conventional and only equipped with standard flashing configurations.  There is no way for night cyclists to alert the motorists that that he or she is slowing the bike down and this may pose a danger to the cyclists.  But, this may change very soon. 

The LucidBrake, a responsive rear safety light where it brightens up whenever the cyclist slows down as an alert to other motorists or cyclists, has recently been unveiled by its inventor, John Craig.  Unlike other bicycle brake light systems which are wired to the bicycle’s brake levers, the LucidBrake does not require any wiring installation.  To know whether the bicycle is slowing down or not, the LucidBrake incorporates a range of accelerometers and sensors to track the speed of the bicycle and will light up when it senses deceleration.

The LucidBrake is also touted to have the capability to filter non-deceleration conditions such as bumps, cornering and other conceivable cycling movements so that it will only light up when it senses deceleration caused by intentional braking.  Another feature of the LucidBrake is its ability to discern between normal deceleration and sudden deceleration.  In the case of the former, the LucidBrake will light up to alert other motorists.  In the case of the latter, the LucidBrake will flash for a few seconds.

An extremely mobile device, the LuciBrake sports a Dual-Lock Reclosbale fastener which allows it to hold on to almost any surface. 

The LucidBrake is still in prototype stage.  But, it is expected to be mass-produced and shipped by June this year.