Polish cyclist break his own World Record by scaling 3,139 steps in one of the world’s tallest buildings

SJ Lim | 26th Mar 2015 | NEWS

AĀ Guinness World RecordĀ holder cycled up 3,139 steps in the Taipei 101 tower, formerly the tallest building on the planet, in an astonishing feat of endurance.

Polish cyclist Krystian Herba, 33, pedalled up theĀ TaiwanĀ landmark in just two hours and 13 minutes, and broke his own record climbing the most number of steps on a bike. Herba bettered the 2,919 stairs he climbed in Melbourne in February last year but is awaiting final confirmation of the record from the Guinness World Record authorities.

“This was absolutely the most difficult challenge ever in my life, but definitely this is my biggest success,” he told reporters afterwards.

The high school PE teacher said he had been undergoing training for over six months by riding his bike repeatedly up a 17-storey building in Rzeszow city in southeastern Poland.

He climbed 60 floors, and went down in an elevator to the ground floor before pedalling up to the 91st to reach his target of 3,100 steps ā€“ all permitted under the Guinness regulations.

Ā Hebra has also successfully completed climbing some of the tallest building in Shanghai, Dubai and Melbourne according to a Polish representative in Taiwan.

Taipei 101 tower stands at more than 500 metres (1,670 feet) high and was once the world’s tallest building between 2004 and 2010, until Dubaiā€™s Burj Khalifa overtook it.