No more hand pump or CO2 cartridge! Here comes the RideAir, the Simplest Refillable Air Capsule!

CHARLES LEE | 13th May 2015 | NEWS

Inflating a bicycle tyre by the roadside is a tiring affair. And going by the current biking technology, only two options are viable: The first option is to use a compact hand pump which would require several repetitive pumping before any inflation effect could be seen. The second option is to use a CO2 Cartridge Pump which is expensive and has to be discarded after a single use. With the RideAir, road-stuck riders would have a third option.

A new product from Design-Air Innovations, a start-up based in New York, the RideAir is touted as the world’s simplest refillable air capsule, combining the compactness of a hand pump and the simplicity of inflating a tyre without exerting physical energy.

Shaped like any regular water bottle, the RideAir could be affixed to any standard bottle cage. When the rider encounters a deflated tyre, he or she simply attaches the inflation tube to the tyre and press a “start” button. The RideAir would then inflate the tyre. When the contents in the RideAir is used up, it could be refilled by the powered air compressor that is found in any petrol station or bicycle shop. According to online magazine Gizmag, each refill could be used to carry out a few inflations. While it is readily compatible with Schrader valves, each RideAir comes with a Presta valve adapter.

With the ability to contain up to 300psi, the RideAir weighs at 0.5kg and sports a 1.2m cable that could be used to secure the cartridge to the bike frame. It comes in four different colours.