New rules for motorized bicycle effective February 1

Singapore – Starting Monday (Feb 1), all motorized bicycle sold in Singapore will have to meet stricter requirements according to Land Transport Authority in their Wednesday reminder.

All motorized bikes, also known as power-assisted bicycle must comply with the European Standards EN15194, which is also applied in Australia and 33 countries across Europe.

The new requirement include the maximum power output rating of 250 watts and a progressive motor power assistance, which is needed in order not to jerk the bike when moving from a complete stop.

The bicycles will also be required to have an unladen weight of no more than 20kg. The lighter weight of the bicycle reduces the need to throttle which allow users to move without pedaling, according from an LTA Spokesman.

Buyers also advised to look for an orange LTA seal when looking for motorized bicycles to ensure that the bicycle they are buying meets the new requirements.

Bikes that meets the current requirements and are affixed with a blue LTA seal will still be allowed and be used for public roads.

The penalty for those offenders who are using motorized bicycle that does not meet these requirements and are illegally modified are also been increased since November 19.

First time offenders will be fined $300, up from $100 previously, while repeat offenders will be fined $500, up from $200.