In view of reducing our reliance on the burning of fossil fuels to create a much greener environment for everyone, nowadays we have vehicles that are available in hybrid (electric and gas) power options or are fully electric, all in the hopes of achieving a cleaner and more sustainable method of transportation for the mass public while reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere and creating a cleaner environment for the future.

Slated to be released towards the end of this year, Shimano’s contribution to this initiative is the new Shimano STEPS E6100 series of e-bike components targeted for the city and trekking riders.  Shimano STEPS which is an abbreviation for Shimano Total Electric Power System is their flagship pedal assist system to assist cyclists by generating additional pedaling power while riding.  Power comes from a choice of a new 418Wh or the current 504Wh (watt-hour) external or internal battery which powers the redesigned STEPS E6100 drive unit (DU-E6100) which uses the same bolt mounting position as the STEPS MTB drive unit for increased rigidity and better power transfer.

The STEPS E6100 drive unit is able to produce up to 500 watts of pedaling power (nominal power output of 250W) up to a maximum speed of 25km/h depending on your choice of selectable power assistance, and the drive unit will only assist up to the max speed, anything faster and you will have to rely on your own pedaling strength to speed up further.  The E6100 drive unit is now lighter at 2.88kg which shaves some 210g in weight from the previous version, but motor efficiency has improved by 20%, meaning battery range and riding distance as also increased by 20%.

Support modes

Riders have a choice of three support modes designed to offer different levels of assistance to suit different riding conditions. Eco mode provides the lightest amount of pedalling assistance but consumes very little power and provides the furthest distance, Normal mode is probably the best mode as it balances between responsive support and moderate battery power consumption, High mode provides the most powerful pedalling assistance, suited for fast acceleration and rapid response up to the maximum permitted assistance speed of 25km/h.

Riding characteristics can also be adjusted using the E-TUBE software to provide you with either a more comfortable and natural level of responsive support, or a sportier version giving you more dynamic support.  With the use of a torque sensor to judge your pedalling input, the SHIMANO STEPS system feels much more like as if you are pedalling a smooth, comfortable, dynamic and powerful feeling bike, and even if the battery and support are turned off, thanks to Shimano’s low drag crank technology, the pedalling action is still smooth and comfortable with hardly any noticeable resistance from the inactive drive unit.



A new mid-level 60Nm NEXUS Inter-5 Internal Hub Gear is also available, dedicated specially for e-bikes, this new hub is able to better handle the high combined torque of the rider and the e-bike system, it is a sealed system of gears hidden inside the hub which makes for easy and clean riding while providing riders with an e-bike specific gearing ratio of 263% between the lowest and highest gear ratios.  The NEXUS Inter-5 is also available in electronic mode which allows for fully automated shifting which automatically shifts up a gear when your pace and power picks up, and subsequently shifts back down again when you need it, such as when you come to a stop or when at a traffic light, so that you will readily be in an easy gear to get started off again.  For external gearing fans, standard derailleurs and cassettes can still be utilized, with either electronic 11-speed shifting with a Di2-compatible rear derailleur, or with mechanical 9-, 10- or 11-speed shifting with a compatible mechanical rear derailleur.

Information display options

To monitor your STEPS unit and riding, riders can choose from four different types of display options, whether it is with the standard Shimano display unit, a 3rd party cycling computer such as some models from Garmin, Sigma or Cateye, your own smart phone and the new SHIMANO STEPS RIDE app and a new EW-EN100 micro transmitter unit, or just with the transmitter unit by itself for a truly minimal display.  With your smart phone and easy-to-use RIDE app, you can still view and customize the display of all of the important riding metrics like speed, cadence, remaining battery capacity, support mode, gear choice and more.  As well as this, all system messages can be displayed on 3rd party display units and, for smart phone users, system warnings are linked to a web address for on-the-go additional explanations of those messages.

Here are some Togoparts Partner Stores that will be distributing the all new E Bike Components in Singapore:

1 2 Cycle
80 Marine Parade Central #01-786 Singapore 440080

Bike X Pte Ltd
51 Tampines Ave 4 #01-96/97 Singapore 529684

Hup Leong Company
Blk 51 Chin Swee Road #01-107 Singapore 160051

Rodalink (Jurong East)
Blk 18 Boon Lay Way Tradehub 21 #01-98D Singapore 609966

Rodalink One Commonwealth
1 Commonwealth Lane #01-14/15 One Commonwealth Singapore 149544

Rodalink (Woodlands)
11 Woodlands Close #01-24 Singapore 737853

Tiong Hin Trading Pte Ltd
Blk 108 Hougang Avenue 1 #01-1293 Singapore 530108

Check out more photos of the E-Bike components below.