Bicycle parking space in Utrecht is an issue

The Dutch did it again. They are probably the most cycling friendly nation in the world, and they have proved it again by planning to build the biggest bicycle parking in the world. Once finished, the building will be able to hold staggering 12,500 bikes at a time in three underground levels.

The parking space will go three levels underground. Source: AAS Architecture

The place of this monstrosity will be the city of Utrecht. A few weeks ago, they opened the first part of the building, allowing the citizens to use 6,500 parking spaces, about half of the final number. The bicycle parking space area is conveniently located under the central station’s square, allowing users easy access to the terminals above.

To use the facility, the bikers simply have to check-in with a magnetic card, the same one that they use for public transport. Parking comes free of charge for the first 24 hours, after which users have to pay a negligible amount of 1,25 euro per day.

Parking is free for the first 24 hours. Source: Dutch News

In order to satisfy all the needs, the building features vacant parking spaces, reserved parking spaces, a city bike sharing station with 720 bikes, a bicycle workshop and a repair shop. The parking lots come in different sizes to accommodate bicycles with larger measurements, such as those with larger tires, those with child seats, or transport bikes.

On the premises are parking assistants who help the visitors during the initial set up.

Upon completion, this will be the largest bicycle parking space in the world, much bigger than the one in Amsterdam, and even the current record holder Tokyo which has 9,400 spaces.

This will be the largest facility of its kind in the world. Source: New Atlas

The spokesman for the Dutch Bicycle Council, Martijn van Es, believes that this type of bicycle parking spaces are the future, and hopes that the project will inspire other cities to follow suit.


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