Mountain Biker jumped and cycled over Lamborghini
CHARLES LEE | 19th Oct 2016 | NEWS

There is always a fine line between displaying great skills and reckless showmanship.  Tread on the unwise side and you may find yourself in the limelight for the wrong reasons.  In severe cases, it can be a brush with the law.  Mountain biker Izzadnaff Abdul Qusyairl probably knows this best.

Last Saturday, the 15-year-old youth applied his bike trial skills on a Lamborghini Gallardo by jumping his slope-style bike onto the bonnet and then riding over the roof of the car.  Unbeknownst to him, the vehicle’s on-board front camera captured his act.  The owner subsequently uploaded the footage in the social media.  The video went viral, garnering close to 272,000 views, 3,800 shares and over 350 comments.  Izzadnaff was identified after some of the netizens managed to find out who he was after a witch-hunt.

Remorseful for his actions, Izzadnaff told The New Paper (TNP): “When I did it, I never thought of the consequences.”  That day, he was cycling to the nearby centre to play computer games when he spotted the yellow Italian-made race machine parked outside the Bedok Stadium.  Having watched a video in which the rider jumped and cycled over the roof of a car, Izzadnaff allowed his mischievous side to get the better of him and decided to perform the same level of trick.  On that Lamborghini.

Thankfully for Izzadnaff, Mr Aaron Rylan Keder, a 28-year-old businessman and owner of the car, decided not to purse the matter and forgave the youth.  He told TNP: “I met the family on Sunday afternoon and we have resolved the issue.  All I wanted was an explanation from the boy and to know how he felt when he went on top of my car.  I also wanted him to know that what he had done was wrong and not to repeat it.”

An avid biker, Izzadnaff was the recipient of the Peter Lim Scholarship in May this year.  Regretting his actions, he said: “I am really sorry for the hurt and inconvenience caused upon Mr Aaron and my family.”

Nonetheless, Izzadnaff’s mother, Madam Azizah Mohd Putih, was angry with him.  She said: “Izzadnaff is usually obedient. I don’t know what happened to him that day.  He was very afraid to admit to his mistake after that, but I told him that he had done something wrong, so he had to stand up and admit his mistake.”  She added: “I didn’t know what was going to happen next, all I wanted to do was to let my son apologise to the car owner.”

Mr Aaron said: “The boy has a bright future ahead of him and I know if I were to blow it up, it would have severe consequences.  Izzadnaff apologised when I met him.  I knew he was really sorry about it.”  He added: “There were many negative remarks online as well and I felt they were really unnecessary.”

Due to his busy schedule, Mr Aaron has yet to send his car for repair due to his busy schedule.  He said: “I don’t know the exact damage, but I think it might have affected the body kit.”

Safe Cycling Task Force President and Singapore Cycling Federation for Safety and Education Vice-President Steven Lim clarified that what Izzadnaff had done was irresponsible and that he had disregarded his own safety as well as that of others.  He said: “I believe that when we commit any act, we need to consider if we want others to do the same to us first.  Safety is a personal responsibility but road safety is a shared responsibility.”

A cyclist who wants to perform a stunt has to do it at designated areas such as skate parks and perhaps trails, not in areas like public carparks.  The public should call the police if they witness such occurrences.