MoDe – Ford’s latest electric bike prototype unveiled at MWC 2015

SJ Lim | 8th Mar 2015 | NEWS

(Picture Source: Digital Trends)

Ford unveils it’s latest electric bike call the MoDe at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015.

The MoDe was developed by Ford, which is designed to be a “commercial multi-modal transport system”. It is the result of Ford’s internal design competition, and is compatible to work with both smartphones and weareables.

Comes packaged with a 200w motor, it enables the MoDe to hit a top speed of about 15 miles per hour. The battery life of 9 Ah, ensure that it last for a continuous usage for up to an hour and a half.

Besides pairing compatibility with heart-rate sensor, the motor can also arranged to kick start the moment when your heart rate reaches a certain level. In layman terms, the MoDe understands how hard you work, and provides assistance when you need it.

Voice-activation app can also be used to check on the charging rate and access stats, it also enables planning of routes, bike tracking and also delivery schedule.

This is because the MoDe maker, Ford sees it as a commercial fleet product that consumers would tote around inside a van, and deploy at a destination. The MoDe is foldable and can be docked in the van, which automatically charges the battery upon docking. On folded mode, the MoDe can be towed just like a wagon for commuting through urban areas. Ford expects it to appeal to delivery services, tradesmen, couriers and even municipal services like the police.

On the navigation system, which can be powered up by the paired Smartphone. Vibration sensors are installed at the handlebars, to alert riders on both turning and also proximity issues (Example, when turn right, right handlebar vibrates, both handlebars vibrates if a vehicle is too close). There are also turn signals on the end of each handlebars.

The headlight of MoDe improves visibility, with functions like the strobe mode for emergencies. Two distinct horn tones, with the gentle one to alert pedestrians, and the louder tone for motorist.

Ford is looking for customer feedback right now, which the company will be looking into fine-tuning the final e-bike. There is currently no information on the pricing or on the possibility of a consumer version.

We look forward seeing the final version of MoDe, and hopefully sometime soon.