Invention that promised to stops car doors taking out cyclists

1st Dec 2015 | NEWS

An Australian company develops anti-‘dooring’ system that prevents cars doors to take out cyclists.

You know the scenario. Cycling down the road, minding your own business, when suddenly ‘WHAM’ – someone opens a car door in your path and you go flying and banging at the door. At best it’s painful and a little embarrassing, at worst it could lead to a death you don’t really want to think about. But one company in Melbourne, Australia reckons it’s come up with a solution.

The company, Dooring Alert System- named for the common term used to describe the above scenario -has developed a patent-pending warning system that alerts car drivers and its passengers as well as passing cyclists and pedestrians to the immediate opening of a vehicle door. It believes its product will save lives and reduce injuries and post-traumatic reactions to all involved, directly and indirectly.

So many will ask how does this work? The company planned to make two products that was based around a similar system, triggered by the unbuckling of a seat belt. This starts a “lighting sequence” in the light place around the rear window and vehicle’s side mirrors.

The first product will be based upon the above system that can be easily retro-fitted to the vehicles.

Dooring Alert Systems (DAS) has also developed a second, integrated system the does all the above and lights up the interior of the vehicle as a reminder to its driver and passengers to check for cyclists and also includes cameras to monitor incoming traffic.

The company considers the system will both allow the cyclists enough advance warning to take precautionary actions to avoid a potential collision- or just stop from pedaling-and will also acts as visual cue for car passengers to check for incoming cyclists before opening the door.

DAS has produced several YouTube videos explaining its product. The latest one, although beautifully animated, is kinda heavy on the doom-laden potential accidents of dooring in its intro section.

However given this is, at the moment, an opt-in aftermarket products, its success in preventing accidents depends entirely on how many drivers and vehicle owners decides to fit the Dooring Alert System though the company had also said that it’s campaigning for bigger and greater road safety awareness and would like to to develop a product that can be incorporated into the manufacture of motor vehicles.