New Year in Sight, Fold Your Bike

It’s a new year with promising new resolutions for some of us. I guess topping the New Years’ Resolutions List should be something along the lines of losing weight, having a healthier lifestyle or going greener. And with the recent price ‘revisions’ in fare and ‘reliability’ of our public transportation in question, there is a way to improve you way of living. A simple one at that. Start riding.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that cycling is good for you. It gives us the chance to spend some time outdoors in an age where we spend a good 16 hours in an air-conditioned environment on the average day. It gives us the chance to get our hearts pumping in an age where we spend a good 10 hours a day sitting at a desk and perhaps seven hours a day in bed. It gives us the chance to do our bit for the environment in an age where – I think you see where I’m going with this.

What I’m trying to say is – ride. Even better still; ride to work, ride to school. Have a purpose to get on a bike. You get engaged with the world around you and you get engaged with yourself. You feel the sense of reward of getting from Point A to Point B under your own strength. It’s a unique travelling experience that you will only understand once you’ve tried it. It’s as simple as that.

You don’t need an expensive, high-tech, lightweight, smoother-than-silk machine to fulfil this. Which is why this bike will be more than sufficient for the abundance of fun you could have. Introducing the Flamingo London 7NX.

This Brompton-style foldie is no-frills and unpretentious. It is brings with it a fun factor and a very forgiving ride thanks to an extra cushy rear elastomer to soak up any bumps you might encounter along your commute. An FSA internal headset holds everything along the fork and steering column in place, but steerer post flexes enough to add to the plushness of the ride.

A Shimano Nexus internal hub drivetrain keeps the bike’s outline clean and uncluttered. Seven speeds also means that climbing will be made easier despite the 16-inch wheels implemented for compact folding purposes. This brings me to the next point – the folding.

The London 7NX cleverly folds away into a neat package which we measured to be along the dimensions of 63cm by 69cm. This puts it clearly within the confines of the MRT’s “Folding-Bicycles-Measurements-Box” lines. Folding it is a simple and relatively quick process which involves unclipping the rear triangle and loosening two knobs. After which, rollers on the standard-issue rear rack makes an easy task of rolling the bike around.

One thing that I thought was a neat idea is the internal cable-routing of the bike. The two cables that run to the back are routed through the bike’s “top tube”, again keeping the outline of the bike clean and simple. The only clearly exposed length of cabling are the three neatly-bundled lines from the handlebars that run down the Flamingo’s neck. This also makes is fuss-free while folding.

All in, the Flamingo London 7NX is a fun bike that is humble, honest and sleek. If you’re looking to spice up the ride to make a statement, perhaps this exclusive metallic pink paintjob will do the trick. Other less shocking colours are also available.

So if your New Year’s Resolutions include doing your bit for the environment, getting losing weight and generally having a better lifestyle, a bike like this could very well be the answer. Now get off that sofa and saddle up!