Featuring Cane Creek – Taiwan Cycle Show 2014

During the Taiwan Bike show, we had a chance to chat with Mr. John Otis, Director of OEM Sales at Cane Creek, to understand the latest development in Cane Creek.
From our short chat, we understand that Cane Creek is planning to downsize their product line in the near future, so as to concentrate on the things they do best.

While exact details were not disclosed, it was clear that their headset, rear shock and Thudbuster seatpost lines were not under the axe. John went on to share that, since they already have a pretty comprehensive headset range, Cane Creek will be placing more emphasis on their successful line of Double Barrel rear shocks in the near future.

Cane Creek Double Barrel rear shocks had attracted very good publicity in recent years. Best known for their wide tuning range and smooth suspension motion. The Double Barrels are built for the highest level of performance with precision machined parts, and at this level, it is critical for the shock to be able to tune according to the variation in riding style and course setup.  I guess this is where Cane Creek had outdone its competition. By having a four-way independent adjustability, the Double Barrel enables custom, rider-tuned damping performance, optimizing their experience.

Cane Creek did not stop at having a wonderful product though. To help rider to optimize their ride, Cane Creek went on to devise a simple questionnaire, for owner of Double Barrel to assist them in setting up their shocks. Cane Creek was also kept busy by developing custom tuned shocks for various bicycle manufacturers. Last but not least, they are looking to expand their rear shock range for wider trail applications, so stay tune!

More details on Cane Creek products, please visit: https://www.canecreek.com/